I Was “Stupid” to Join Happy FM – Master Richard Of “Taxi Driver” Fame

Ghanaian actor Mikki Osei Berko has confessed his decision to leave Radio Gold to join Accra-based Happy FM was “stupid.” Berko, popularly known as ‘Master Richard’, admitted he made a hasty judgment then as a result of peer pressure.
Speaking on Starr Chat with Bola Ray Wednesday, the key character in a popular weekly comedy show – Taxi Driver – over a decade ago, said he sometimes harbours regret for making the move because his close friends Kwame Sefa Kayi and Fiifi Banson who were with him at Radio Gold, failed to join contrary to his initial information.
“I was stupid to have moved to happy FM,” Dada Boat spewed. “I knew from start it [Happy FM] wasn’t going to fly because Kwame [Sefa Kayi] and Fiifi [Banson] didn’t join. At that point I thought it had rocked my career as a radio presenter … but it tells you, you can start on your own”
A very hearty Berko said he still has a lot of radio presenting steam within him and can compete with the current crop of presenters, adding he never failed during his stints with Adom FM and Adinkra Radio.
Mikki Osei Berko (born 1973) is a Ghanaian-born actor. He is perhaps best known for playing Master Richard in Taxi Driver and Dada Boat in Dada Boat. He served as the assemblyman for the Ayidiki electoral area in Accra for one term, and is also the executive director of Mediagold Productions in Ghana.
Mikki worked extensively with Radio Gold, a private radio station based in Accra, which he left in July 2003 to join Happy FM. He later presented with Kessben FM. He is also the brain behind Kente Radio, a Pan-African online radio station.