The Best Security Solutions for Your Business

Regardless of how you store your data or what provider you use, you want to ensure that your business is upholding its end of the deal to keep its data secure and protected from any potential threat that may arise. Cyber-attackers and hackers are constantly looking for vulnerable security systems to break their way into, and you don’t want your business to be on their list of susceptible targets.
To make sure that your business’s data is protected and secure from cyber threats, you must install effective security solutions that work for your network and servers.

Detecting Threats

To be able to protect your data from threats, you must first be able to detect those threats effectively and with speed. Threat detection is an integral part of any security solution, and it should be employed throughout your servers and networks so that it can pick up any suspicious or malicious activity and deal with it accordingly.

  • Intrusion Detection System

    An Intrusion Detection System will monitor the traffic on your network, analyzing how it operates normally when it is not under threat, and notify you if there is any unusual activity that could be a threat. This system is great for identifying if there are any threats across your network itself.

  • Honeypots

    A Honeypot acts as bait for a cyber attacker that wants to hack into your data. It is a network-attached system that will reveal any threats within the system and against your organization within that specific area. If you know where your attackers are coming from, you can make sure you are readily prepared to counter them.

  • EDR

    What is EDR? EDR stands for Endpoint Detection Response and is an extremely effective solution for protecting and securing data. An EDR monitors and analyzes activity from endpoints and is able to configure threat patterns from those it does detect. It is also able to block access from suspicious sources and automatically suggest appropriate responses to any threats it comes across.

  • Behavior Analytics

    This solution is able to detect threats based on the behavior of the hackers executing those threats. When you know how your threats and, therefore your cyber attackers operate, you will be better equipped to deal with them and prevent them from threatening your security in the future. This method is great for detecting unknown threats through machine learning; many other security solutions are only able to detect known threats through previous data, but this kind of solution learns as it goes to provide you with excellent security.

    Security solutions are best operated with multiple methods to make up a whole. If you have various techniques to detect and appropriately deal with threats, then your business simply has less of a chance to be threatened or breached.
    Your speed in responding to these threats is also an integral part of your security solution. Detecting threats early and resolving them just as quickly will reduce the possibility that your business’s data is breached.