According to President Nicolás Maduro, the U.S. Warrants Are Political Persecutions

In fact, Venezuela has done a lot of good deeds for a lot of countries, but mostly for the poor countries in the Caribbean and elsewhere. From reports, Venezuela has donated billions of dollars to poor countries for development purposes, including Haiti. Unfortunately, Venezuela and its citizens look like they won’t get a break from the U.S. Government for oil and other resources purposes.
“Venezuela’s PetroCaribe money could help make big changes in Haiti, but, unfortunately, the PetroCaribe money went missing and the Haitian Government led by PHTK refused to tell the population in Haiti what happened to the money.”, said Mr. Werley Nortreus, the Haitian political leader.
In 2019, President Nicolás Maduro and Venezuela went through a lot of protests and hardship after the Trump administration and the U.S. introduced Juan Guaidó as the new President of Venezuela. During the protests, some leaders in the Caribbean and Russia supported President Nicolás Maduro during the hardship and scandals started by President Donald Trump and his failed administration.
President Nicolás Maduro’s response to open revolt on the streets has been to shut opposition parties out of government. President Nicolás Maduro has seen his country plunge into disarray and the United States has imposed sanctions, labeling him a “dictator”. However, it looks like President Nicolás Maduro is winning the battle because not even the U.S. can stop him from ruling Venezuela.
During the protests across Venezuela, even Russian President and other Russian officials supported President Nicolás Maduro at the moment. Russian officials said:
“President Nicolás Maduro is the head of the state.”, said Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Back to January 2019, the U.S. President Donald Trump recognized Juan Guaidó as the new head of state after he declared it himself.
Seven South American countries and Canada backed Trump’s recognition. Guaidó, head of the National Assembly, claimed that articles within Venezuela’s constitution allowed him to assume power because he believes President Nicolás Maduro’s election and the presidency are invalid. Guaidó has promised to hold free elections and lead a transitional government. But in response, President Nicolás Maduro said the U.S. is trying to stage a coup and Maduro gave all U.S. diplomats 72 hours to leave the country.
“We’ve had enough interventionism, here we have dignity, damn it!”, said President Nicolás Maduro in a televised address after he gave the U.S. diplomats 72 hours to leave Venezuela or he will order arrests.
“I will not resign and Guaidó will never become President.”, said President Nicolás Maduro about Venezuela chaos.
The European Union and the UK have not fully recognized Guaidó, but state they support free and fair elections.
A long-time dictator and international pariah maintain he won a widely disputed election to stay in power. A fresh-faced, low-profile opposition leader calls him a “usurper” and has incited large-scale protests to hasten his ouster. And the United States — knowing the growing tensions could lead to greater violence — stokes the roaring fire from afar.
Guaidó, along with the Trump administration and a number of other international observers, asserts that Maduro isn’t the rightful president of the South American nation. They argue that last May’s presidential election was rigged so that the dictator could win a second six-year term. But according to some Caribbean leaders and Russia, President Nicolás Maduro is the right leader and he will stay in power.
March 2020, the Trump administration and other U.S. officials accused President Nicolás Maduro in a new scandal but President Nicolás Maduro and some Caribbean leaders believe the U.S.’ new accusation is nothing but a political attack after Venezuela been rebelling against the U.S. for years.
“This is a lie and political persecution”, said Venezuela officials about the arrest warrant by the U.S. officials.