Trump – The World Just Got More Dangerous!

Trump – The world just got more dangerous!

K1: But Koo, how at all could the Americans do this?

K2: What did you expect? That they would remember how afraid you are of the fact that drones would get into the hands of the tempestuous Donald Trump? Since when did Americans take note of the fears of other nations before taking any action that they thought would be in their own interest? May I remind you that when they dropped the atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, they were fully aware that some rogue nation would be able to acquire such weapons in the near future? But did that stop them? Today, they are going through all sorts of cartwheels to try and stop Iran and North Korea from acquiring similar nuclear weapons!

Yes – they’re even genuflecting to the Chinese to stop North Korea! China’s own nuclear bombs are now seen as relatively safe –though the Americans sought to dis-manufacture them for years!

-So it’s against their own interests to elect Trump to spite the Mexicans and the illegal immigrants from elsewhere who provide them with cheap labour?

Yep! Even the fact that Trump was heard on a tape saying that if you were a celebrity, you could grab women by the p*&%y and get away with it, did not persuade this nation that is populated with so-called Christian fundamentalists, to vote against him!

So, Koo, will they come to regret it?

Who can tell? They are not the only people who act against their own self-interest now and then – in a perverse pursuit of self-interest – are they? I mean, see how the Americans treated their Saudi Arabian allies with kid gloves; allowed Saudis to enrol in their aeronautical schools and wilfully forgot to keep an eye on them with constant security checks. And then – before they knew it, 9/11 had happened.

Yet I hear that even today, the US administration is still trying to protect Saudi interests from American citizens who are trying to sue the Saudis for the damage unleashed on them by 9/11!

It’s amazing. Trump will, if he carries out his threat to keep Muslims out of the US, anger so many of the Muslims already in America that they will surely try to hit back? Life will become unlivable in the US if every Muslim tried to become a suicide bomber?

It would mean that the Americans would have to double or even triple the size of the FBI, in order to try and keep American citizens safe!

Hey, wait a minute! You have stumbled on the real reason why the FBI Director, Mr Comey, intervened in the election campaign in such a spectacular and illogical manner – throwing Hillary Clinton’s campaign off the rails by saying there might be something against her in emails the FBI had discovered, and then turning round 48 hours or so later, to say that there was nothing in the emails after all – but after the damage had already been done to Hillary Clinton?

Koo, who can tell? Certainly, if Trump makes America so dangerous to live in by incensing domestic and foreign terrorists to try and strike wherever they can, the Director of the FBI will become the most powerful person in the land. Trump would have to eat out of his hand….! :Mexico: (wall to be built to prevent illegal border crossing); China: (tariff walls to be erected to keep “cheap” Chinese imports from “swamping” the US market and “killing” American industries); dismantling of “trade agreements” that the US has entered into with Europe or even countries like Canada and the US “dependencies” in Latin America)…

If trade war happens, more poverty could spread in the world and we might have multiple repetitions of the dangerous crossing of continents by migrants that we have been seeing in Europe…

With American troops shooting would-be illegal entrants on sight?

My God! Armageddon personified?

And all because of one man’s obsessions!

It’s always just one man, isn’t it? Hitler began by cultivating a funny moustache to spite his hated, dead father! And before you knew it, that mere corporal had caused a war whose casualties were to be counted in the scores of millions!

Trump has emerged at a most dangerous moment. All over Europe, racist political parties are already rejoicing. The most vulnerable political leader in Europe is the German leader, Angela Merkell, who has bravely got her country to absorb a million or so migrants since the crisis began. Right-wing parties in Germany have been making significant gains in local elections of late, by preaching a gospel of hate against foreigners. With Trump in the White House, these parties will feel encouraged to become even more extreme in their demands.

Sure! There are increasing demands in France, Austria and Hungary for foreigners to be booted out. Hungary doesn’t even want migrants to cross its territory en route to places that may want them!”

Yiee, Koo – can you hear human “Daleks” clad in black leather shouting manic orders all across Europe: “Exterminate!… Exterminate!?”

What people don’t realise is that when such things start, it is difficult to put a stop to them. Hitler started with “smallish ” staged incidents such as the Reichstag Fire and then graduated to the gassing to death of six mllon Jews. The American voters probably think that Trump will do just enough to protect American interests but go no further. In fact I heard someone say on a radio programme that when Ronald Reagan was elected in the US, the same shouts of Armageddon were heard as are being uttered after Trump’s election. Yet Reagan wasn’t anything as rabid as was feared when he was elected. But suppose it hadn’t been the meek and rational Gorbachev who was in power in Moscow when Reagan and Thatcher began to take down the USSR but some macho guy like Stalin or even Putin?

Yieee! True oh! What I fear most at the moment is the “chain-reaction” from Trumpism. You know that when you set a chain-reaction in motion, you can never reverse it, don’t you?

Koo, I am going to write a letter and put it under my pillow. It will read: “I hereby resign from the human race!”


You’re laughing? When I’m gone, you will be next….

Hahahahahaha! Gods save us from Armageddon!

As for this one dier, we’ll need Prophets Owusu Bempah and T B Joshua (PRAYING ON HE SATME SIDE OF THE PULPIT! — and not against each other!) — plus Obinim and Kwaku Bonsam (also singing from the same page of the Satanic Hymn Book!!) if we are to be saved!


Expecting these rich prophets to save us is nothing but misplaced optimism. They all thrive on people’s sense of insecurity.

Yieee! Trump has re-calibrated every not-so metaphysical presumption about the fate of the world.

Yep! Every single one. I.S. terrorists will think it’s Allah’s way of punishing the world – as exclusively revealed to the I.S. terrorists. Meanwhile the Christian Right will take the Muslim uprising as a sign that the door has opened for the righteous not to wait for the Lord to come but to take flight to him straight away – Jonestown style. Google Jonestown and see what that can mean — 900 people or so people self-destructing!…

Charlie, I swear I fear oh!

Yes – fear is in order! For Trump won’t be taking any prisoners lf he really launches his campaign along the lines he’s been hinting at.


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