The Psychological Effects of Postponement of the GPL To Local Based Players- Great Olympics’ Abel Manomey Writes

Great Olympics Football Club has placed an injunction on the start of the 2017/2018 Ghana Premier league, which was supposed to start this weekend, with a round of week 1 matches, after the Disciplinary Committee of the Ghana Football Association annulled cases brought before them, in relation to Bechem United and Elmina Sharks fielding unqualified players in their respective league matches.

With this development, the commencement of the Ghana Premier league has been postponed indefinitely.

Sports Science involves systematic acquisition and evaluation of information about sports, using scientific method and returning on observed information to explain and predict sports phenomena’s.

In relating this definition to the recent happenings, the development is a worry to these local based players who have gone through various intense, vigorous, well planned preseason and training rudiments with their various football clubs.

Most club owners and technical team will not want to break camps for players to go home and report at another date, with the fear that, players might lose all what they have worked for.

Players have already hit their peak stages after going through preseason exercises months ago. Some are still going through the same training programs whiles others are getting conditioned to additional intensity of training exercises every week.

This process leads to over load on the players. The principle of overload in sports science states that, the strength, endurance and hypertrophy of a muscle, bone, connective tissues, ligaments etc. will increase only when they perform for a given period of time against workloads which include training intensity or training volume that are above those normally encountered.

The psychological effect of what local based players are going through in line with this principle of overload is very alarming.

(Silva, 1990) describes the defect of overtraining and overload as a progressive stage for staleness in performance and psychological burn out to the athlete. This explains that, the continuous workloads to athletes, now that there is no clear date to the beginning of the league and can affect their outputs and performances. (Morgan et al 1987) describes overtraining overload as leading to anxiety, fatigue, anger, lack of self-confidence and decreased vigor in athletes.

(Murphy and Fleck, 1990) see continuous work for improvements in endurance events but that notwithstanding, athletes may not have sufficient time to fully recuperate after chronic bouts of training that are too demanding of the athlete ability to adapt.

From the these authors, who are academicians of exercise psychology and their take of the psychological effects on what athletes go through when they are overloaded with exercise and especially, when there is no sign of our the Ghana Premier league commencing anytime from now, I suggest that teams can break camps, have mini breaks, make occasional changes in routines in respect to exercises and placing less on the players, to decrease the occurrence of psychological staleness and burn outs on these players as well.

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