Woman Divorces Husband For Not Replying Her Texts

What’s more annoying than watching those two ticks turn to blue on WhatsApp, then having no reply? Nothing, basically. It’s especially frustrating when you’re messaging someone with important questions like “What do you want for tea?” and “Can bees have heart attacks?”. These are questions that simply need answering ASAP or else.

Well, it turns out those blue ticks from hell are now actually being used in courts of law to grant divorces. Yep. A woman in Taiwan was granted a divorce on the basis on those ticks alone. Well, kind of.

She’d been messaging her (soon to be ex) husband of five years on Line, and all she was getting were ‘read’ indicators and no reply, according to the BBC.

There were a number of occasions where he hadn’t replied to Ms Lin over the course of six months, and he even ignored a message from her explaining she’d been in a car accident and was in hospital. The swine. She also asked him why he kept reading her messages but not replying… naturally, she got no response.

Apparently a few months later he finally put fingertip to screen and sent her a message, but it was basically just about boring everyday crap about the dog and there being some post for her.

These were presented to the judge in the divorce proceedings as proof that he had been ignoring her. And the judge ruled this showed their marriage was “beyond repair” and therefore granted her a divorce.

Judge Kao (who is clearly very forward-thinking and therefore a legend) commented, “A normal couple shouldn’t treat each other like that… The Line messages were a very important piece of evidence. It shows the overall state of the marriage… that the two parties don’t have good communication.

“Now internet communication is very common, so these can be used as evidence. In the past, we needed written hardcopy evidence.”

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(Via: CitiFM Online Ghana)