UDS Hospital Continues to Amaze Its Patients

The University for Development Studies Hospital in Wa district has been gaining huge prominence recently as the most favored provider of health services in the area.

Wa is one of the minimum industrialized and developed regions in Northern Ghana. The capital of Wa Municipal District, unfortunately, has one of the smallest amounts of hospitals in the country. Therefore, the medicine in this region is of the poorest level.

Recently, such cases as trauma and orthopedic surgery, ophthalmology, endoscopy, urology, obstetrics, and gynecology were referred to the Tamale Teaching Hospital. It is the only medical institution in Northern Ghana serving a population of over four million people.

However, all have turned to better. Owing to the University for Development Studies Hospital, the institution of a hospital at Bamahu, the medical facilities in the region has started to develop increasingly.

Assemblyman for Bamahu and a hospital client, Dauda, told about this fact when journalists asked him whether the medical aid in the district has been improved.

“The UDS is now the best hospital in Wa Municipality. Just imagine—all nurses and doctors start to work at 7 in the morning. I have never seen such early timetable in our hospitals before. Moreover, they have really become human beings, and now they have patience towards us, patients. Owing to their perfect attitude to sick people and professional medical help, I will undoubtedly recommend all my friends and colleagues receive medical aid there. However, I have a suggestion for the hospital. I wish they would develop several other facilities and hire more doctors and nurses because now there are rather big queues they have started having. And all that happened just because they started caring about ordinary people,” happily told Dauda.

Another hospital client, Madam Bernice, is also happy about the medical improvement in Wa district. In particular, she liked the reception. She advised the UDS to get more modern equipment.

Mr. Adams is also excited about new medical facilities. “It is 9 out of 10. When I came to the hospital several days, doctors told me to do a histopathology test. Regrettably, the only place where I could do that test was Tamale hospital. So, it would be great if this hospital could receive new medical equipment so that patients can do all tests in a single place. Moreover, the University for Development Studies Hospital evidently lacks professional doctors now. There are only a few of them available now. They also need to organize some parking zone in the shade but not on the open sun”, the client shared his opinion.

According to another client of the University for Development Studies Hospital, Madam Emma, all services at the hospital have significantly improved now. She added she would not go anywhere else to get medical help. The client recommended that the USD should develop their facilities to be able to take more patients.

All these changes have become available due to an entirely new professional management team. Now the hospital provides Child Health, In-Patient Care Services, Health Education, general OPD services, General Surgery Services, and mental health care.

Dr. Zielley Thomas Moore, the Medical Director of the UDS, is the youngest Medical Director in Ghana. Dr. Zielley specializes in anatomic pathology. He also holds a postgraduate certificate in Health Administration from the Ghana Institute of Public Administration. In his recent interview with journalists he told that even though the hospital had been working only for two years, it had already done its best to become one of the leading providers of technologically led healthcare services.

“Because we make every effort to give off our best, it inspires the wish of most inhabitants in Wa to look for our services. We promise all time quality access to all healthcare services provided for the comfort of all patients. We aim to turn into the center of superiority for biomedical learning”, told Medical director.

The UDS hospital began its activity in August 2016. Since that time, the hospital monthly has over 70 In-Patient cases, more than 520 OPD cases, and on average 310 investigative cases.

Presently, the University for Development Studies Hospital faces some challenges. Now the medical institution urgently needs a standby generator, and such operation sets as hernia set, laparotomy set, and cesarean section set. Moreover, the hospital almost has no automobiles for administrative and ambulance work.

In Northern Ghana, the University for Development Studies manages a multi-campus structure of education. Its central administration is located in Tamale. Four major campuses are at students’ disposal. These are Navrongo Campus, Wa Campus, Nyankpala Campus, and Tamale Campus.

The educational institution does not stop at this point. Additionally, it controls different types of hospitals in the mentioned faculties excluding the Tamale Campus. The prominent School of Medicine and Health Sciences is based there.

Source: YEN Entertainment.