Solve Football Problems in Ghana

We are sure you have been enjoying the FIFA World Cup. It’s one game where there is one mantra – practice, practice and practice. That is all it takes to be a football pro. Practice with focus.
However, that might not be the same with Ghana.
The Ghana football Association (GFA) has been facing a lot of problems ever since the corruption expose by Anas Aremoyaw Anas. The public airing brought a lot of negative outcry because of how local football activities were being undertaken. This led to almost all football activities to freeze, a reason we need to look to solve football problems in Ghana sooner than ever. Even if you love playing online games with Betway, we are sure you wouldn’t be able to disagree.
On June 12th, the court ruled a ten day injunction that strengthened the freeze. This football freeze has had negative effects on local clubs such as:

  • Losing finances. Contracts have to be adhered to no matter what. There are times when clubs have signed up players that are not pay-as-you-play nature. They still have to pay the players no matter what.
  • Sponsorships in-flows have decreased since not many games are being paid.
  • Players can no longer go outside the country since they do not have access to their clearance from the Football Association.

It’s Time to Do More!
This month, football club owners have said that they will not seat back and watch the football of Ghana just go in flames. Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom, the owner of the Fearsome Elmina Sharks pointed out that even before the Anas expose there were evident signs of the bad situation of football in Ghana. According to him he pointed out that all this has happened because of lack of relevant support from the government. This has been in terms of not rewarding adequately local football clubs, lack of sponsorship and enthusiasm in the local league.
What did he say?
The solution he offered to all of this is that all football stakeholders should work together to solve the problems. This includes the government, football club and FIFA. Dr Nduom assured everyone that the local club owners are ready and willing to work with all of them. Moreover, they know exactly what the local football needs and they can offer some of the best solutions.
However, earlier in January President Nana Anno Dankwa said that football wrangles is not a must to involve the government. They have the mandate to talk things over themselves. His government is not ready to get involved in the management and administration of football Ghana. The football association is under FIFA, which is an independent group that runs under its own rules and regulations.
Under FIFA statutes they do point out that there should be no third party involvement when it comes to football anywhere. If there are football wrangles it is up to the group they are under to take care of the problems.
So maybe the Football Association should take up Dr Nduom’s offer and have a seat down before things get out of hand. This can be the only way to save the local football league in Ghana.