Single Women Are Happier Than Single Men -Study

Single Women are Happier – No, we are not trying to ruin your made-in-heaven relationship, neither are we trying to discourage you from going into one. We just can’t help but join in the ongoing argument which sprung from a study that Women are happier being single than men.

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A new study by Retail analysts Mintel has found that single women are happier and more satisfied with their relationship status than single men. This study revealed found that 61 percent of single women say they are happy with their relationship status, compared to 49 percent of single men.

It continues that most single ladies are also in no rush to find a partner. To be specific, this study says that 75 percent of single women are not actively looking for a partner compared to 65 percent of single men.

Professor Emily Grundy of the University of Essex buttressed these findings as she gave reasons why the assumption that; single women desperately seek for partners while their male counterparts contentedly enjoy their independence, should be put to rest.

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Here are some of her reasons;

The professor said that the reason this may be true is that women tend to work harder in relationships than men.

She explained that being in a heterosexual relationship is actually a lot of hard work for women, and generally requires more effort and labor from them than for men.

In a more explicit manner,  she said that women tend to spend longer time and energy on domestic tasks – cooking, cleaning and other chores unlike most men in relationships.

There is also the common notion that women spend more time and money on upkeep of appearance, as well as more effort into resolving problems or arguments.

Professor Grundy on this, said that many single women aren’t in relationships because they’re actually happy being independent, doing whatever they want with their time, and they don’t actually need anyone else.

3. Women Have Close Network of Friends they can Turn to for Support

She said that women form stronger bonds with friends than men and that this provides a support network that men may not as commonly have.

Women she said, are better at socializing by themselves and are more likely to have close friends to turn to in times of need. But men without partners tend to do much less of that. Men, as was explained, may find themselves lonelier when not in a relationship.

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