Prophet Isreal Oladele Ogundipe Gifts Church Offertory to Needy Member in New Trending Video

A Nigerian man of God known as Prophet Isreal Oladele Ogundipe has shown his church members an exceptional act of kindness by giving out his church offering to a needy church member.
The prophet during his recent church service at CCC Genesis Global called out a needy woman from his congregation and instructed her to collect all the money which was given to the church as an offering.
In a viral video, the prophet claimed the direction came from God and it was one of his mandates, as the Overseer, that his church members will never be poor in the church.
“I was just preaching and God said to me. There is a member inside your church, as people where giving she was looking at herself and said that I didn’t have money to drop and God said bless her with everything”.
The prophet of God added that his mission in life was not to get all the riches in this world but rather to be a blessed to be a blessing to the generation.
Below is the full video