Pedestrian Killed on Tetteh-Quarshie-Adenta Highway

More pedestrians continue to lose their lives on the Tetteh Quarshie-Adenta Highway (N4) in Accra because of the unavailability of footbridges on the roads.
The latest incident occurred last Friday night when a young lady known only as Ataa was knocked down by a speeding car on the Adenta stretch of the highway.
The lady was said to be crossing the road with her boyfriend at an area near the SDA Intersection around 8 p.m. when the accident occurred.
She was run over by another oncoming vehicle after the first incident.
Both vehicles sped away.
According to some eyewitnesses, when the Adenta Motor Traffic and Transport Division (MTTD) was called, it allegedly delayed in coming.
When MTTD officials eventually arrived, it was discovered that the victim, who had been moved to the roadside by some sympathisers, had died.
Her remains were later conveyed to a hospital by the police.
The deceased’s supposed boyfriend, who was visibly shaken and looked distraught, was also taken away in a taxi.
The incident angered some youth of the area, who subsequently blocked the highway for about one and a half hours.
The angry residents also burnt car tyres and pelted some of the vehicles caught in traffic with sachet water, amidst chants of “Fix our footbridges!” “Fix our footbridges!”
It took the intervention of the Adenta Police to calm the youth and also unblock the road for vehicular movement.
The highway has claimed the lives of many people since its construction about 11 years ago.
However, pedestrians continue to risk their lives crossing the highway because the six footbridges on the busy road are yet to be completed.
The residents have expressed frustration over several failed promises by government officials to ensure the completion of the bridges.
As a result, they have now formed an advocacy committee known as ‘Fix our Foot Bridges Now’ to champion the cause of getting the project completed.
The group has given the government up till November 12, 2018 to fix the bridges or they would embark on a massive demonstration over the delay.