Open Letter To All AUCC-SRC Executive Hopefuls

It is with great delight and sadness at the same time, that I pen down my thoughts on your decision to be a leader in the prestigious African University College of Communication, (AUCC).

Firstly, permit me to applaud you for your passion, confidence and burning desire to be one of the leaders that shall lay strong bricks of progressiveness for the further greatness of AUCC and her promising student body.

As an able citizen and member of this prestigious institution, I warn you to rescind your decision of becoming our leader, if your agenda is not one that first seeks the betterment of the Student body but your personal selfish ambition to climb partisan political ladders.

I echo once again to you to rescind your decision ‘cos the *journey* to becoming a student leader would either be one of Greatness if you walk the talk of progressiveness or an onerous * Journey of No Return* for your personality and social status.

Be informed, “I speak from the point view of a pugilist and soldier from the inky fraternity”.

To buttress my earlier point, you have all the time to think twice before you take the nod to lead, because leadership is not by force, neither  is it for the proud, dishonest, unproductive, unskilled, unintelligent, corrupt, selfish, manipulative, uninformed, backward nor the psychologically weak.

Therefore, if you resolve to become a leader, make sure you are ready for the task, pressure and demand it comes with, you are currently not under duress to become our leader.

I state emphatically that you won’t get the luxury of time to hide behind flimsy excuses if you don’t deliver and account for every action or inaction you take as our leader. We won’t allow you undermine or bring the name of this honourable institution into disrepute.

The student body contributes SRC dues to see you work so *making excuses* for failure won’t be acceptable! Be ready and confident enough to account for every pesewa.

Also, be mindful that your privacy as a person or student leader would cease to exist because you will now become a product and topic of social discourse. You won’t be able to explain yourself to every student or the school administration. Let your progress and achievements do the explanation.

Every move you make could come to the floor of the *Social(Public) Court* for deliberation and criticism. In other words you would become accountable and indebted to the Student Body and not to yourself.

Don’t forget! *I* would be here on the fence with an eagle eye, observing and demanding answers to all the right questions.

Presently, you may feel so confident, poised and ready to crash and destroy any other competitor eyeing your preferred post in the upcoming elections by winning or defeating them hands down.

Again, don’t forget the inky fraternity would definitely be here waiting to give you a good run and won’t hesitate to crash you with the pen should you fail to deliver.

In fact, let us be your greatest fear because when you succeed we would make the world know your exploits and if you fail to prove your worth as a leader that was paid by the Student SRC dues to work progressively, the value would be the same or worse!

Finally, let the days and phase of incompetence and corrupt student leadership be gone for good in your days. And may we point to your achievements that made Students and the name of AUCC Great again.

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