NaBCo Employees Asked to Help Fight Corruption in Public Institutions

Graduates engaged under the Nations Builders Corp (NaBCo) have been urged to help fight corruption in public institutions.
Mr Seth Cudjo, the Sunyani Municipal Coordinator of the Nations Builders Corp (NaBCo) said the future of the country was in the hands of the youth, hence the need for them to remain anti-corruption advocates, and help stem the canker in government institutions.
Speaking at a training workshop for the third batch of successful applicants of the programme in Sunyani, he advised them to be bold and expose and report corrupt public officials they would be working under.
Mr Cudjo said the country remained under-developed because corruption was rife, and entreated the trainees to serve as agents of change and guard against corrupt practices, so that they could be bold enough to expose corrupt officials.
He asked them to desist from absenteeism, lateness to work, alcoholism and drug abuse and work diligently to improve production in their working places.
“We must be as positive thinkers, and result oriented employees whose goals are to build a better Ghana for our generation and generations to come,” Mr Cudjo advised.
He emphasised that the idea behind the NaBCo was not only to end graduate unemployment, engage and pay them allowances. But to also churn out quality labour force that was required to facilitate accelerated national development.
Mr. Cudjo said the NaBCo had come to stay, saying it was the vision of the programme to become distinctive and reliable public institution that would push forward development in a holistic manner and therefore advised the graduates to be discipline.
He said his outfit would not tolerate any form of indiscipline, warning that appointment of graduates who demonstrated bad conduct would be terminated.
Mr. Douglas Adjei, a NaBCo’s Research Training Officer, advised the graduates to exhibit patriotism and nationalism and work hard towards national progress.