Illegal Mining Has Serious Adverse Effects on Our Future

The Jirapa Municipal Chief Executive, Hon Christine Bomannye Amadu has called for a stop of illegal mining in the Jirapa municipality, saying, that illegal mining can adversely affect the future of the municipality because the environment will be destroyed to the extent that it can no longer sustain lives.
She revealed that the Jirapa Municipal Assembly has formed a committee to help put a stop to illegal mining. According to her, the committee has visited the illegal mining sites to educate those who engage in the act, first, to educate them on the dangers of illegal mining and also on how one can acquire a small scale mining license. She said that the law will soon be used to bring the offenders to book.
“The law will soon catch up with those who involve in it” she insisted. It is expected that those involved after the good works of the committee, will desist from this infamous menace.
The Municipal Chief Executive called on traditional leaders and opinion leaders to help the Assembly stop the activities especially in Duori where the canker is rampant.
She made the admonition while addressing the Jirapa Municipal Town Hall meeting.
The Town Hall Meeting of the District Assemblies and Municipal Assemblies are organized by the ministry of Information in collaboration with the ministry of local government. The essence is to provide a platform where government account to the citizens, review government policies with the citizens and as well, explain government policies.
The Jirapa Municipality had it turn of the town hall meeting on Monday, 7th November, 2018 at the Jirapa Municipal Conference Hall.