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Dr. Acquaye-Awah Launches His First Memoir ‘the American Doctor’

Dr. John Acquaye-Awah, MD, CCD, launched his nonfiction book, The American Doctor: The Boy from an African Village, Paperback – April 5, 2018, at the luxurious Ruffle Feathers Golf Club, 1 Pete Dye Drive, Lemont Illinois on Sunday, October 21 2018.

With about two hundred and fifty attendees made up of family, friends, business associates, his patients and others, the audience was well suited for the launch.

There was glowing acknowledgement to the astute doctor and philanthropist whose philanthropic work has taken him to remote areas in Philippines and Ghana.

One of the heart touching stories that emerged from the launch as a result of Dr. Acquaye-Awah’s philanthropic works was when he partnered with his business associates and assisted a Ghanaian who had a massive brain tumour.

The tumour had pushed one of the patient’s eye almost out of its socket. Flies settling on the eye at will without the patient feeling the insect’s presence.

The patient was flown to India where he was successfully treated at no cost to him.

In the book itself, Dr. Awah spoke passionately about the village of Oterkpolu, Ghana.

Not even many Ghanaians have heard of the village Oterkpolu, but it served as the home of young Awah! He was born in the tiny village and grew up immersed in its traditions and superstitions.

Like other Ghanaians or Africans who grew up in villages which did not have electricity, pipe borne water, houses made of mud with thatched roofs, or a few cement block or mud houses with aluminon sheet roofing and cemented floor or clay floor; the challenges and experiences transforms into self-discipline, hard work and many rewards in later life.

There were very few health care choices available, if any, and he recounts how frequently death shook the small community. At present, all his peers in the village are dead. Tragedy touched his own family.

Acquaye-Awah’s brother was stricken with polio disease, and many believed he would never walk again. His family consulted a spiritualist, but nothing happened.

Only when Acquaye-Awah’s brother was finally admitted to a hospital did he get the help he needed.

Acquaye-Awah witnessed the unforgettable joy on his brother’s face when he took his first feeble step—and he, Dr. Acquaye-Awah, knew then that he would grow up to help others experience that same joy.

This was one of many instances that sparked Acquaye-Awah’s fascination with science and medicine. His spellbinding memoir tells of the amazing story of how he left Oterkpolu and pursued a rigorous medical education.

But even as he was traveling and studying, Acquaye-Awah never forgot the important life lessons he learned at Oterkpolu—nor the debt he owed his community. The American Doctor chronicles his triumphant homecoming and his new mission to bring health care to remote locations across continents.

The book is riveting, a must and essential read for people of all ages. If one ever need a motivation in his life, The American Doctor: The boy from an African Village must be the first book of choice.

The launch was immediately followed by book signing ceremony. Dr. Acquaye-Awah signed copies of the books sold at the function. All proceeds go to Dr. Awah’s charity work.

The popular Back Street Blues Band provided entertainment to the admiration and the dancing feet of the gathering

One can obtain copies at and directly from the Dr John Acquaye-Awah by calling 773-807-0555.

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