Don’t Go Into Exile Because I’m Now SP – Martin Amidu

The Special prosecutor (SP), Martin Amidu, has said there is no need for any citizen to go into exile as some are alleged to have done because of his new position.

He urged Ghanaians not to fear his approval and pending swearing-in so long as they have not seriously violated any law worth investigating or prosecuting.

In his last article titled “my parting thought as citizen vigilante”, Mr. Amidu said the constitution protects every citizen from capricious exercise of discretion and he will ensure strict compliance.

Per the terms of his appointment, Mr. Amidu will be barred from expressing his opinion in public as a citizen vigilante, a function he loves to do.

This is because like he puts it “these parting thoughts are in recognition of the fact that as a quasi-judicial officer, after my appointment I will have to behave as a justice of the superior court and will henceforth be unable to answer to several unfounded criticisms.”

He reminded Ghanaian, from the moment he takes his oath of office, he will be a quasi-judicial officer enjoined to act impartially and independently in the execution of his duties.

Mr. Amidu said his voluntary acceptance to be appointed Special Prosecutor imposes upon him a strict compliance with the Code of Conduct and Ethics of the legal profession in which he is viewed as an officer of the court, whether in or outside the court room while he remain in office.

He said the right to criticize a fellow citizen however vigorous cannot be defamatory of that citizen or even in contempt of court when it is kept within the limits of reasonable courtesy and good faith.

The approved Special Prosecutor said it is in this spirit that he has taken comments and criticism arising from his responses to the Appointments Committee of Parliament in good faith at his approval public hearing on February 13, 2018.

He added since meeting the President on January 9, 2018 for a nomination confirmation discussion and accepted the potential nomination for consideration for approval by Parliament, he considered himself a potential public servant and stopped his citizen’s constitutional defence activism under Article 3 of the Constitution by not responding to unconstitutional comments and criticisms.

Mr. Amidu has meanwhile urged citizens not to go into exile because of his appointment or to contemplate fear so long as that person has not seriously violated any law worth investigating or prosecuting in the national interest under his remit.

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