A Letter To Ohemaa (Ebony_reigns) With Love

They have told me about it. They went ahead to show me photos as well. Oh and the news, you have been trending Ohemma. The President, Nana Akuffo Addo describes you as a “national icon” and the ex president, show boy Mahama also says you are a national icon and a beautiful talent. But Ohemma, did you know Mahama listens to your music. Yh…Mahama the dead goat I mean. The fresh dude. He says “Hustle is his favorite”. WOW!!

Everyone is playing your songs oooo. They are playing it in their rooms. The trotro stations are playing it. The taxi and trotro drivers are also playing it. Ohemma, your videos on YouTube are now the most watched. Ohemma have you seen people’s status and DPs on whatsapp since 9th February. Do you have your phone with you? Check wai….There too di33, you are trending papa. Eii Ohemma, people love you oooo. They love you paaaaaa. Ohemma MEGHOSA says you are their finest ooo. Their CELEBRITY baakop3.

Ohemma, your name was mentioned in Parliament as well. The political hub of Ghana. Erhhhh, Oh they too say you are a beautiful talent. Do you know there was a minute silence observed for you? What for? You are now asking me? They heard you sing from a faraway place bi……

Ohemma, I visited your house ooo. I met Nana Opoku-Kwarteng, your fine Daddy. Ohemma he wasn’t happy kraaa. He told me he wished something MORE exciting brought me home oooo. Ohemma as for big sis Happy, you better come and tell her where you’re gone to ooo. She says you didn’t “kra” her.

She has been crying saaaa like a baby who doesn’t like bathing. I was scared oooo. You remember the last time I saw both of you together huh?

She came to pick u up from school. She was so late herh but we waited for her. You remember how Happy she was to see you & I. You remember when she hugged me and you said you must be the last person to hug me so I WILL MISS YOU MORE.

You remember you came back visiting your friends and I. Eiii I was happy ooo. You told me about MUSIC and that I will soon hear your release. That night, we went to Akropong to chill small but you were tired and had to go soon.

Ohemma, you too you liked late-night calls, papa. You call me at midnight and ask whether I’m sleeping?. You remember my response? I will say, NO I am cooking or I am fetching water. Then you will laugh out loud and call my name…”ANKOU”!

When you were with your friend at LaPaz di333, herh you could worry oooo. Late night call tins nkoaa. You remember anytime you visited your midnight calls on me, I will tell you to pray? Then you will tell me…..”Ankou me I don’t know how to pray ooo so for now be praying for me”. You remember we prayed together a few times on the phone when you mentioned “some dreams” bi.

Do you remember this line – “Ankou if you don’t send the credit don’t call me”. And I will go like, do you have your money in my pocket? AND you will say “Nanka”!

You remember this – “Ankou are you by TV or Ankou do you have a radio close, I will be interviewed soon, listen and tell me something” – You remember my usual criticism? Ohemma gets serious when you are on set and stop sticking your tongue out plenty…….Build on your confidence level Ohemma. Then you will go like….”But I tried right” ? Yes but you can do Berra.

Everywhere I pass, Ebony Ebony Ebony…..Eiii people LOVE YOU PAPA. They love your songs papa.

The boys boys di33, they say you fine ooo. You see the way boys boys dey jump jump when you are on stage? They love you pass dema mothers sef.

Ohemma your sleepless nights at the studio paid off huh? Your hard work paid off huh? Your persistence and perseverance paid off huh?

Ohemma you do ALL wat3!!!

So are you gonna invite me to come watch you this semester @ pent hall week? You Berra do!

Ohemma I will continue later wai…..Let me know you are safe okay? Let me know you are laughing as usual okay? Tell me where you are is better? Tell me you are a QUEEN there as well?

I just wanna be sure you are fine so I can tell Nana Opoku Kwarteng, Happy, Doreen, Ellen, Dorcas and all your funs……

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