10 Reasons Why People Make Sextapes Or Nude Pictures –

Different people have different reasons for making sex tapes. Interestingly some make it for their own optical enjoyment but end up enjoying it with the whole world.

Every year we hear or see number of sex tape leakage. Funny enough it doesn’t stop because, during the making of those tapes, the person or the people do not believe that it can leak.

Why do people continue to make sex tapes despite all the leakages? Do people deliberately leak their own videos or pictures?


Some people influence or coerce their partners to take nude pictures or make a sex tape for them in the name of love but the actual avenger is to use it against their partner at the right time. Some people intentionally do this with an influential person, a public figure or somebody who is rich and later demand for a ransom or circulate the video or picture.

Some people also use it to threaten their partners when they realize there is going to be a breakup or if the other partner hurt them. They tend to circulate to shame or disgrace their ex.


Some people do this just to relax and admire their own unique shape or skin. They do this alone usually and the intention is not for anybody else to see…but sometimes mistakes are made and the unexpected happens.


Some people have heard from their sexual partners several times that they look different or make certain expressions. Out of curiosity, they tend to make a sex tape so they can see for themselves. The intention to watch after the act alone or with the partner….but sometimes it is not deleted and falls into the hands of a wrong person.


Some people in Long Distance Relationship who gets bored or lonely ask their partners to make a sex tape or nude pictures and send to make up for the gap between them which prevents physical contact. Some do and exchange them with their partners. It is meant for just the two but somehow it crosses boundaries.


Some people do it for commercial purposes so they make such tapes to tease their clients to request for more at a fee. Some do it to market themselves telling the world that they are here (ashawo fuo wo krom). These people do not care about where it gets to but rather it’s their gain to have it circulated.

6. FUN

Some people just do it for the fun of it. Usually females, and it’s either done by an individual or group especially on campus. People dance naked and take pictures or make videos and others do naked modeling or catwalk so they can later sit and enjoy how crazy they can be. Sometimes roommates or friends use their phone and take these videos or pictures and end up mistakenly or deliberately with other friends and it keeps spreading. Some use their own phones but forget to delete and give the phone to somebody who wants to watch pictures and chance upon PICTURES and they steal and spread.


In this particular instance, it could be because of long distance or even short distance. Some people are naturally addicted to pornography and masturbate after watching or during. These people tend to request or demand sex tapes from their partners so they can use it to masturbate.


Some people specially prepare and take such pictures and send to people in authority or with certain positions to get their attention. Some send and later apologize by saying it’s not meant for them but in actual fact it is. If the person gets interested then the game is on. Some do this to get jobs, grades etc.


Some people get helped in various ways and are asked to show appreciation by taking such pictures or videos. Some people send such pictures voluntarily to say thank you.


Some people naturally enjoy exposing their private part to strangers or those they know. They attain some form of sexual satisfaction when they are able to surprise or shock their viewers.

NB: If you see a trap you are familiar with it helps you develop the best exit strategy…hence my reason for this message.

Sometimes you may have a very good intention of doing things like this but when it comes to the internet or social media we do not have full control.


Don’t allow your ugly past to haunt or hunt you down one day in your life. Don’t be misled….think twice and be wise.