10 Businesses That Can Replace Illegal Mining

The interesting thing is that most of these recommended galamsey alternative jobs are quite easier, safer and more lucrative than illegal mining.

It is no longer news that the newly launched Operation Vanguard Army Patrol has unintentionally shot dead an illegal miner in the Wawasi village of Obuasi in the Ashanti Region.

The unfortunate incident which occurred Sunday evening [August 6] was as a result of the obstinacy of the ‘galamseyers’. It happened that the miners pelted stones at the soldiers, apparently in the bid to facilitate their escaping from being arrested.

But the anti-galamsey task force who also needed to defend themselves against harm, and as well carry out their assignment, fired shots to disembark the recalcitrant illegal miners. It was in the process that one of them sustained gun shot injuries that subsequently led to his death.

Speaking in a Joy News interview, the Public Relations Officer of Operation Vanguard, Major Gariba Pabi, made it clear that the the patrol team’s goal and sole intent is to bring illegal mining to a stop and to protect the environment, but never to kill anyone in the process.

While the violently obstinate attitude of the illegal miners remain completely condemnable, it is believed that most of them are fighting for the only means of livelihood available to them, at least, at the moment.

Meanwhile, the very many dangers of mining, especially the illegal ones have been taking their toll on both miners and the entire Ghanaians at large. The fatal collapse of mine pits and the environmental hazards are among the major ones.

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It is in the spirit of patriotism, and to forestall the eventual loss of more lives, that we bring you these 10 galamsey alternative jobs. Read and think twice!

There are myriads of building jobs available across the country; ranging from skilled (such as building/constructing engineering), to unskilled labour (eg. moulding and serving blocks, mixing and serving mortar, etc). Depending on one’s ability and expertise, one can easily get himself engaged and still make cool cash from the work. The interesting thing here is that building jobs are always available on a daily basis, and one does not need any capital to start. Moreover, the wage is usually fixed, unlike mining where on some days, one may not be lucky enough to get something meaningful.

Instead of sinking away in a dark deadly mining pit, and still stand the risk of being arrested or shot dead, why not try commercial driving? Commercial driving is very lucrative in Ghana, and requires just ability to drive as the major skill. The business also come in a variety of ways – private or registering with a bigger transport firm. Then if one has saved something from the mining business, it can be used to get a car, bus, or lorry as the case may be. One can even give Uber a try, if he’s in the city. There’s no discrimination and it’s very safe, easy and rewarding!

Farming is a very lucrative business but Ghanaians feel it doesn’t have any prestige and many young people do not even give it a thought. If you are still in doubt, try finding out why the Agricultural Development Bank is one of the richest banks in Ghana! Just start with your favourite crop, cash or food, and you’ll feel the difference between dealing with life growing plants and whining away in a dark horrible mining pit!

How lucrative livestock and poultry farming is can never be overemphasized. The fact is that livestock and poultry produce are ever in very high demand. At the moment, the demand still far exceeds the supply. And starting the business does not require too much capital, especially when you start in a small scale.

Take for an instance – cattle rearing: One calve costs about ¢610, two will cost about ¢1,220.00. If you get a male and female, you’re already into business. It’s a long-term investment which fetches a lot later in life, because one full-grown cow or bull can be sold between ¢3,000 to ¢6,500 depending on the size of the animal. Cows also breed fast and within some days can rake in a lot of money.

If someone is so good at mining that the job stands irreplaceable, it is suggested that the person gets attached to a legal mining firm, in order to continue his or her much loved job.

Although it appears as if majority of small scale miners are operating illegally, it is not actually the case. There are a lot of large and small scale legal mining firms scattered all over the country in which one can try his or hands.

Small scale importation has become one of the most lucrative and easy-to-start businesses available to people who may not have plenty of cash to plunge into other more capital-intensive businesses. In fact, the importation of goods has never been easier than now, due to the emergence of the internet and other electronic means of transacting business. Importers and exporters can now meet one another online, making the business much easier. It does not require much training; you only need to make all necessary inquiry on the basics of how to import the particular goods you are interested in.

Even the illegal Chinese miners can try their hands on this. Get the variety of goods produced in their home country, and sell in Ghana, simple!

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The sale of sachet water popularly known as the ‘pure water’ business is one lucrative business venture many young people does not always want to venture into. But surprisingly, those operating it are making so much money than what small scale mining will offer. Depending on choice and availability of capital, one can start as a wholesaler or retailer for other manufacturers, and subsequently graduate to a producer. One can also start up a small scale production factory and expand it with time. There’s no doubt about making good sales ‘cos everyone’s gotta drink water. Sure!

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Food joint, commonly known as chop bar also rank among the very lucrative galamsey alternative jobs in Ghana. Everyone needs food to survive, so you can be sure of getting zero losses and high profit. But you don’t have to own a world class restaurant in order to make good money. Even those operating small joints are getting some good profit!

In case you are not up to opening your own, you can first start as an attendant. It’s not as bad as galamsey!!!

This is for the women who risk their lives in illegal mining; selling food stuffs can turn out to be a very wonderful alternative. Never think it’s bad business because most of these women in the market selling food stuffs are ‘well loaded’ but will never openly admit to it. Some of them have been able to pay their children’s fees till their university level from what they get in petty market trading. Some own houses and cars but appear so simple or even wretched. Don’t be fooled by their appearance because they are much richer than you actually think. So now, you don’t have to despair about quitting illegal mining; there’s actually something out there in the market for you!

Abattoir job is another unskilled labour that is very easy to start with virtually no capital. From poultry to livestock dressing, the services of abattoir workers are ever and constantly in high demand at poultry markets and slaughter houses. This will mainly benefit unskilled labourers at mining sites who do not actually have a stake in the business, but are just engaging in it as a means of survival.

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