Online Casino Games Guide – Rules, Information & Strategies

When you’re a veteran casino gamer or a beginner who’s never spun the reels on a slot game, you need the right information to avoid losing all your stake. You can use these smart tips and strategies to improve your chances of making money.
Best Games to Play
Online casinos like Betway, offer the same games you’d expect in your favorite Vegas casino. These games are classified into four categories:

  • Table Games – All games played on a table basically fall into this category. The most popular in the group include keno, bingo, roulette, and craps.
  • Slots – At least 70% of the annual revenue in land-based casinos comes from slot machines. As such, slots are the most popular casino games and form a significant part of online casinos.
  • Arcade Games – Games in this category are mainly played for fun. They include scratch cards, platform games, and virtual bets.
  • Card Games – As the name suggests, card games are all the games played with nap cards. The most popular card games include Baccarat, Poker, Blackjack, and their variants.

Choosing The Best Games To Play
While you can win in every game at the Betway casino, you stand a better chance of winning in some online casino games than in others.

  1. For Beginners – If you’re still learning about online casino games and betting strategies, keno and slot machines are the best option for a start. These games are easy to play without prior experience, and you reduce your chances of losing your stake. Unlike other games like poker, there’s no professional in slots since everyone stands the same opportunity. However, you can’t use any strategies or tactics to improve your chances of winning.
  2. For the Best Odds – If you want to enjoy the best odds, card games are your best bet. Even better, users can use different strategies to solidify their chances of winning.
  3. For professional Players – If getting the best odds and superior gaming experience isn’t your only goal, table games would be best for you. Most games in this category have a tremendous odd/cost balance. Online craps and roulette are among the best.

Tips and Basic Strategies
When Playing Slots
With jackpot games and slot machines, your goal is to get the same symbols along a playline. In most cases, having at least three symbols on a line is enough for payment, though the number may be more or less. Both slots and jackpot games come with the same rules, and everyone stands an equal chance of winning. They also include unique combination sets of symbols for winning higher prizes.
When Playing Table Games
While table games like Keno and Bingo are based purely on luck, others like roulette highly depend on skills and strategies. These strategies include:

  • When playing roulette, the European version of the game (French Roulette) is preferable since the house edge ratio stands at around 2% while it remains at 5% in the American variant.
  • Red/black and odd/even are the best bets on roulette. These bets are over 48% likely to occur, unlike the single number bet, which rarely happens.