Can You Prepare for Cisco 300-425 Exam Using Practice Tests Only?

Like other certification vendors, Cisco has also made some significant changes to its credentials and exams. The Cisco 300-425 ENWLSD test is one of the outcomes of these changes. Cisco 300-425, Designing Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks, is designed as part of the fulfillment for obtaining the CCNP Enterprise and the Cisco Certified Specialist – Enterprise Wireless Design certificates.
Cisco 300-425 dumps is designed to validate the knowledge and skills of the test takers in wireless network design, such as wired & wireless infrastructure; mobility & WLAN high availability; site surveys. It is essential to mention that the first exam date for the Cisco 300-425 test will be February 24, 2020. At the time of this writing, Cisco hasn’t yet published the number of questions that the candidates may expect.It will be standard from 40 to 65 questions. Although their number has not been released, one thing that is certain is that the certification exam will last 90 minutes.
If you are planning to earn the CCNP certification, you might want to start preparing for the test right away prior to February 24, 2020. It is also important to mention that the exam will be proctored, which means you can’t expect to write it in any other way, irrespective of your location. Suffice to mention that Pearson VUE is the official administrator of the Cisco certification tests. Therefore, you have to register via this website in order to take the Cisco 300-425 exam.
Cisco 300-425 Exam Topics
The certification exam is designed to evaluate specific technical details. The candidates who are able to demonstrate a certain level of competence in the content will be awarded their desired certificate. It is important to mention that the topics given by Cisco are basic guidelines on what to expect in the actual 300-425 ENWLSD test. There may be other objectives that are related to the ones given that may appear in the delivery of any specific exams. Additionally, the content may also change without prior notice to the students.
This means two things. First of all, you should cover the objectives given by Cisco as well as the related topics that are not included. Secondly, before you start your preparation, you should check the certification page to see the list of topic areas that you will be evaluated on. This will enable you to know if anything has changed since the last time you visited the site, and it will also help you choose your study materials carefully. So, let’s look at the details of the Cisco 300-425 exam topics.

  • Wireless Site Survey – 25%

This exam objective covers a wide range of scopes that the applicants must study. These include collecting design prerequisites & evaluating constraints. Here, the candidates must know all about client density, deployment type (such as location, video, voice, and data), security, real-time application, and AP type. It also covers the understanding of material attenuation as well as its impact on wireless design. The test takers will be tested on their ability to perform and analyze a series of technical activities, including Layer 1 site survey, pre-deployment site survey, post deployment site survey, and predictive site survey. Additionally, they will be evaluated based on their understanding of using planning tools as well as evaluating major network metrics, such as AirMagnet, Chanalyzer, Ekahau, PI, and Spectrum Analyzer.

  • Wired & Wireless Infrastructure – 30%

This topic covers a number of components that the test takers must understand before attempting the questions. First of all, the candidates must be able to determine the physical infrastructure prerequisites, such as cabling, mounting, switch port capacity, grounding, and AP power. Secondly, they must be able to determine the logical infrastructure prerequisites, including WLC-AP licensing prerequisites based on the kind of wireless architecture. The students should also have ample knowledge of radio management design, which includesRxSOP,RF profiles, and RRM. In addition to this, they must be able to apply the design requirements for different kinds of wireless networks, including data, voice & video, location, and hyperlocation. The individuals should also be conversant with designing of high-density wireless networks along with their associated components, such as conference rooms, lecture halls, and campuses. Additionally, they must be able to design wireless mesh, also known as bridging. This includes WGB & roaming, Ethernet bridging, and modes of operation.

  • Mobility – 25%

This topic features three other subtopics that the candidates must develop competence in. These include designing mobility groups based on mobility roles; optimizing client roaming; validating mobility tunneling for the data & control path.

  • WLAN High Availability – 20%

The test takers must understand the components of WLAN high availability to be able to answer different questions focusing on this topic. For the purpose of the exam, they must understand the process involved in designing high availability for controllers. This covers network availability via LAG; anchor controller priority & redundancy; SSO (Stateful Switchover). Additionally, the candidates must be equipped with skills in designing high availability for APs. This entails AP prioritization and Fall-back, including the assignment of primary, secondary & tertiary.
Cisco 300-425 Exam Preparation Resources
Due to the fact that this Cisco test is new (don’t forget that the first exam date is February 2020), the students may not have access to a wide range of training resources. This doesn’t mean there are no prep tools to help you navigate through the exam path. The fact is that different reputable platforms offer training courses and practice questions to help you get a head-start. For example, Exam-Labs offers different study materials, including training courses, practice tests, video tutorials, and exam simulator, which will help you prepare. You can rely on this site.
The Cisco platform also has a good number of materials that you can go through to get started. For instance, you can look forward to attending the training course, Designing Cisco Enterprise Networks, offered by the authorized learning partners through instructor-led classes across the world.
The new certifications and exams are always a new career path that will gradually improve your knowledge and skills. So, study with great deliberation, use all the necessary study materials, and don’t forget to take breaks between the preparation hours. Grab this chance and earn a prestige Cisco credential.