Ghanaian Striker Left With No Option But To Change It! Find Out Why…

Asamoah Gyan’s hairstyle has always been a curled high top fade or a Mohawk with no. 3 engraved by the shaven sides. But the top scorer have to let go of his hair trademark or…

Ghanaian and Al Ahli Dubai FC striker, Asamoah Gyan is set to change his haircut before returning to his club to play for the rest of the season. The international footballer numbers among 45 other players who have flouted the United Arab Emirates guidelines for hairstyles, according to a BBC report.

Asamoah Gyan is currently on loan at Arabian Gulf League side, Al Ahbi, based in Dubai, one of the major cities of the United Arab Emirates. The UAE which is a Muslim country has a law that forbids what they call “Qaza” hair; styles of haircut where only part of the hair is shaved, leaving other parts unshaven; and Gyan’s cut falls within this category.

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Asamoah Gyan’s hairstyle has been a curled high top fade or a Mohawk with no 3 engraved on the two low shaven sides. But the top scorer have to let go of his hair trademark if he wants to maintain his Arab side employment.

According to reports, the UAE Football Association had earlier on sent a warning letter concerning Asamoah Gyan’s hairstyle. This is what they do per the report, to any of their players who is spotting an “unacceptable” haircut, before taking subsequent stringent measures against the player such as a fine or suspension, if he refuses to comply.

The rules are aimed at compelling footballers to wear modest hairstyles as examples for the younger ones, especially fans who are seeing them as models and may want to copy them.

Although Gyan had earlier on complied to this rule, his name was still shortlisted among the defaulting players who were cited for wearing what they called “unethical hair”.

According to close sources, the former Sunderland striker brought his high top very low last year, when he heard of the regulations in order to conform. And he has to do this whenever he is going over to the Arabian side.

CEO of the Asamoah Gyan Foundation, Samuel Anim Addo, in an interview with Happy FM Accra disclosed that he [Gyan] must have to cut the hair before returning to Dubai after the African Cup of Nations during which he spotted a rather more conspicuous style of the Mohawk haircut.

Game officials, especially the referees are given the responsibility of determining which haircut is or is not allowed. It was reported that in April 2016, Al Shabab goalkeeper Waleed Abdullah was forced by a referee to shave his hair which was described as “un-Islamic” before a match.

Meanwhile, the rules on hairstyle have attracted much criticisms from across the globe, especially on the part of clarity – what exactly is or is not acceptable. This is because of how vague the UAEFA appeared, when Al Wahda’s Suhail Al-Mansoori was asked to cut his hair while UAE international, Omar Abdulrahman who wore a similar hairstyle was allowed.

However, BBC has requested the UAEFA to provide specific clarifications on its guidelines, but is yet to receive a response.