ESTA Application Form and Get the Permission To Enter USA

Imagine that you are going to travel to the USA and at the airport, you come to know that you do not have an ESTA.

In fact you get worried that you have already fixed a meeting with your business partner and it is necessary to reach on time as it is the matter of your profit. It is a fact that if you are travelling from a country that comes under the visa waiver program, then you must have an ESTA. So let’s take a look at what ESTA is and how to fill the ESTA Application form to get permission to enter the USA.

What Is the ESTA?

As everybody knows that there are certain rules and regulations regarding visa policies of a country. And it is must for every individual who wants to enter that country to follow these rules. From the year 2009, the United States of America has started a pre-screening system in which every traveler coming from a visa waiver country must have the ESTA. It is an electronic system for travel authorization in which the holder has permission to enter and stay in the USA. It remains valid for two years. As a matter of fact the system of getting an ESTA is quite simple and easy. In fact all you have to do is to fill the ESTA Application form and pay a fee.

You have to provide the following information to get an ESTA:

In the first part of the application you have to write:

Then you have to provide the contact information so write your:

Once you have written all your personal details then you have to write:

* If you have ever got a passport for travel by any other country

* Do you have any other nationality?

Moreover, provide the contact details of a person whom you want to contact in case of any emergency:

In addition, after providing travel and employment information you have to answer some generic questions. These questions will be about your health history. The authorities also ask about your background to make sure that no criminal or terrorist could enter the country.

After providing all this information, you will have to pay a submission fee. Then you will get an ESTA. As a matter of fact it will help you to stay and enjoy your visit in the USA without any trouble. So if you are planning to travel to the USA apply for ESTA now.

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