Death Trap Storey Building At Agona Swedru Texaco

The breakdown or collapse of buildings in the country in contemporary times has become extremely disquieting, because it rescinds investments of years and also obstructs future development in a sense that it always resulting in making innocent people suffers to lose their wealth and sometimes make some of the victim’s permanent disabled.

It destroys properties and wealth in a sense that when the building collapses the owner totally loses all what has been invested within several years in a day whilst it renders thousands of people homeless as well as the adverse effect on our economy of the country through compensation given to the victims affected, by the government is concern among others consequences.

My writing has become indispensable because there is a say “prevention is better than cure” which to me is the best remedy to almost all problems or if you like unhappy situations like disaster for example than anything else apart from the natural disasters that is uncontrollable by human beings.                                               In journalism the natural disaster refers to as hard news that is a kind of incidents occurred which could not be controlled by human beings like flooding, earthquakes, volcano among others.

My concern about this particular storey building is dear to my heart because it can cause artificial disaster which could be controlled by human beings now and therefore, we should not wait till somebody lost a live before positive action will be taken by the Agona West municipal Assembly to demolish this death trap storey building or renovated by the owner if the engineers sees it deemed renovations.

I am appealing to all stakeholders to play their active role by finding a pragmatic alternative solution to this problem because apart from those who sell second hand dresses closely behind, thousands of vehicles, sellers and pedestrians also passes behind this particular building within a day due to its location.

I am expecting stakeholders like the owner, Agona West Municipal engineers, Town and Country Planning Department, National Disaster Management Organization to come on board to address this situation.

These authorities must be also strengthened to enforce all legislations on building procedures within Agona West Municipality to deter indiscriminate building that can cause flooding and other future disasters.

The dangerous trap storey building is located at Agona Swedru in the central region between k. Phones and Alpha Capital savings and loans, opposite new GPRTU Accra station behind the main road to the Texaco traffic light  on the right when you are driving from Swedru Chapel Square.

This uncompleted storey building was among the affected buildings of Swedru Akora river disaster incident that occurred on June, 2010 which caused the death of at least ten people, rendered thousands of victims homeless, washing away important properties like electrical appliances, vehicles, schools, churches, documents, among others and principally halted economic activities of the town for a long period.

The building has been in this state since June, 2010 up to date without either to be renovated or demolished but rather serving as disaster evil to threat the citizenry because some irons rods are exposed and scorched, damages of some pillars, one side is tilted, and some blocks are falling and the entire block has developed several cracks due to the action of the Akora disaster within the business town Agona Swedru.

I will be impress if the authorities will through this medium take a pragmatic measures to avert the situation from future disaster and also, the citizens will fully participate in the national sanitation day to sanitized our environment, desilt our water ways and avoiding buildings in water locks, since we are about to enter the main raining season of the year to avert flooding.

I hope the authorities will kindly take this particular issue very serious with all respect like me and do everything possible with good heart, to see to it that the correct thing has been done about this uncompleted storey building in order to save lives and properties of our beloved Agona Swedru and Ghana as a whole.

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