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ARS Holds Joint Service To End Years of Division

Various branches of the Apostles Revelation Society in the Ho Municipality, have had a joint church service in Ho to mark an end to the over decade schism in the church.

The ARS Church is one of the biggest churches to have emerged from the Volta Region, with its headquarters at Tadzewu; a once pagan community in the Ketu North District.

The founder of the church, Prophet Charles Kwabla Nutornti in subtle attempts to indoctrinate the Christian faith among followers of his fetish father, made Christianity to suit an African context by allowing members to worship the supreme God using the African culture.

Knowing that key elements of the Ewe culture is singing and drumming, he encouraged theophoric renditions of the local Agbadza songs in order to resonate with the people. In addition to the normal Christian sacraments, the church adopted typical Ewe practices including outdooring of twins, widowhood rites, installation of Chiefs, and protection of pregnancy and acquiring of spirit of one’s profession.

As a result, since its establishment around 1945, the church has grown with over 700 branches worldwide including countries like Canada, USA, England, Holland, France and many African Countries.

Unfortunately, the demise of the Founder in 1999, brought division in the church. This schism which is mainly due to struggle over leadership and money, has since affected the growth of the church.

In an attempt to consolidate the two opposing factions, their branches in Ho; Edem, Unity and Central Parishes, had a joint service on Easter .

The service according to the three congregations, is to send a signal to other branches in the world on the need to end the protracted divisions in the church.

The various pastors present, including Rev Mawutor Wovenu, Rev G. D. Gakpetor and Rev Agbeko Semiabe, took turns in their sermons to admonish the congregants on the need to allow unity and peaceful coexistence to duel among them for the spiritual growth of the church.

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