A Sad Day in the Life of Nigerians and of All Humanity

A video recording of the aftermath of an alleged Boko Haram masterminded attack in Nigeria has been sent to the offices of The Accra Report.
This video is very gruesome and shows people fleeing the sight of the attack. It begins with footage of people fleeing from plumes of smoke and a raging fire. As video progresses an apparent victim of the terrorist attack is seen with blood streaming down his torso as we stumbles in shock.
Sections of the video also dismembered body parts believed to belong to other victims of the blast.
These attacks have become increasingly prevalent in the oil rich Nigeria where there sectarian violence and terrorists attacks have escalated dramatically.
What was once ascribed as agitation by a few disaffected separatists has turned into an wanton onslaught of civilians. The government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has pledged to quell the activities of these terrorists.
Up to this point, neither the government if Nigeria nor ECOWAS has had an iota of success. The attacks have rather increased and the terrorists have become more nefarious in their activities.
Do you think President Goodluck Jonathan and his government has done enough to stem the tide of violence in Nigeria? What would you as a concerned citizen of the globe and humanity recommend for the government to do?

Gruesome Video of Nigeria’s Boko Haram crisis: Deadly Bomb from The Accra Report on Vimeo.