Save The Children From Bad Governance

Comfort Gyamfuah Snr and Comfort Gyamfuah Jnr went missing recently: their story making a worrying headline, especially against the backdrop of earlier fate suffered by other girls.

Many wondered whether they too had been used for rituals; fortunately they appeared, albeit with a harrowing story though not as disturbing as when nobody, including their parents, knew where they were.

A story DAILY GUIDE carried when they appeared suggests that the twins are victims of a broken home and a challenged economy: they need urgent support, lest they drop out of school.

There are several children like the twins under review who need attention and urgently.

Children who are suffering from the challenges of broken homes need the support of the society since the state is unable at this time to render this assistance.

Such children are many and until something is done about them, their future and the country’s would be jeopardized.

The statistics of such children is not readily available but we can bet that at this time it is enormous.

An equal number of children are victims of defilement and rape by unscrupulous persons who exploit their vulnerability.

Having been relocated to Kumasi from Accra where they were living with their elder brother because of the hard times and therefore his inability to continue to cater for them, they suffered from varied challenges within the few days that they were there.

Their new custodian was also unable to take care of them adequately; a situation which compelled them to turn to prayers. That was how come they turned to some mountains, near Kumasi, a place where many go to engage in intercession.

When teenage girls out of frustration leave home to pray, we, as citizens, must consider doing something about the state our country has reached.

The country needs a total overhaul so the likes of Comfort Gyamfuah Snr and Jnr would not suffer and become frustrated.

It is no longer surprising to read about teenagers committing suicide.

As we compose this commentary, the twins have been moved to a village in the Eastern Region to live with their mother. It can only be imagined the challenges their mother would surmount to cater for the needs of the twins.

Their mother is stressed up since their father has declared that he would no longer have anything to do with them. It is heart wrenching seeing the repercussions of a country in stress.

A father, also frustrated, has taken the irresponsible move of abandoning his children as their mother holds the bull by the horns.

But for how long can she maintain this position even as the country continues in its downward spiral?

We cannot discuss the plight of children who are eager to pursue education but are unable to do so without turning to the poor governance prevailing in the country.

We have followed with interest the promises of the main political parties and pray for the day when the sincere among them would implement their programmes so children like the Comforts in this story would get a relief.

Children should not suffer because as innocent citizens they are entitled to support from both their parents and the state.

It is possible to reduce such challenges to the barest minimum when good governance prevails.

Ghana needs visionary leadership in the coming years.

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