President Mahama Is Casting A Poor Nature For Himself

Just as the constitution of the land does not prevent anyone from marrying a close relative, so as the constitution does not prevent a sitting president from executing his constitutional duties during the transition period but our rational thinking heads must teach us what is morally, psychologically and economically right to do for a smooth political continuity of successive administrations.

President Mahama and his NDC government have been a scandalous and self-interest prioritizing administration which never proved to have Ghana at heart and their last minute attitudes and doings have come to justify it.

The hypocrisy of Mahama’s NDC government has been made known to Ghanaians after their humiliating defeat in the just ended December 7 election.

Is it not surprising that a government which cancelled teachers and nursing trainees allowance on grounds of “no money in the state coffers” will at the eleventh hour of leaving office has increased National Service allowance from Gh¢350 to Gh¢559.40 .

The shocking aspect of the increment is that the service personnel were bargaining for Gh¢450. Is this not a deliberate act of wickedness to make things though for the incoming administration?

The last minute appointments and recruitments into the various public sectors, agencies and institutions worth not only questions but scrutinization.

The youth of Ghana for a long period under Mahama’s stewardship have been crying for jobs. It is believed that the massive and escalating youth unemployment is among the numerous factors which contributed to the shameful defeat his government.

The outgoing Mahama’s government is hiding behind the constitutional time frame of tenure of office to exploit Ghanaians in their last days in office.

What the right thinking Ghanaians are asking is why didn’t President Mahama do all these months ago if he think that will have no effect on the economy.

The appointment of the CHRAJ boss, NCCE boss, Auditor General, promotion of some civil servants to higher ranks, the increment in workers salary, issuance of huge contracts and among others within few days to leave office have raised suspicion that the outgoing Mahama’s government is doing that to sabotage the incoming Nana Akufo-Addo led administration.

President Mahama, having conceded defeat ahead of EC’s declaration was a commending move to clear his dented image.

Who is advising the President? What is the hidden truth behind President Mahama’s last days appointment?

Critics of Mahama’s administration – the founder of NDC – former President Rawlings, Hon. Martin Amidu – a leading member of Mahama’s governing NDC, anti-corruption groups and some Ghanaians accused Mahama’s government of governing on the principles of “create-loot and share”.

Many are those who believe that President Mahama’s last minute appointments is a calculated effort to get some people in positions to cover the rots of himself and his appointees. For instance, the just sworn in CHRAJ boss was the then acting boss who cleared him (mahama) of the famous Kanazoe-Mahama Ford Expedition saga. The appointed CHRAJ and NCCE bosses have been acting for several months under Mahama’s stewardship without confirmation as substantive bosses so why the last day confirmation?

Just as he (Mahama) appointed Mrs. Charlotte Osei as EC boss with the hope of getting her favour but the contrary happened, so as the contrary will happen despite the CHRAJ, NCCE bosses and Auditor General being his close allies. Every skeleton will be brought out. All dubious squandered monies will be retrieve for Ghanaians.

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