‘Nokofioo Peoples?’

Ganyo’ɛ Gbaa Gã naa.

Recent news reports of a group of GaDangmes castigating leader of the New Patriotic Party, Nana Akuffo Addo, and a call to vote against the party, appear not to have gone down well with some other GaDangmes. In deed, I bow my head in shame when offensive language is used on all Gãs all because of irresponsible actions of a few.

Unfortunately, such acts are, often times, perpetrated by Gãs who use their ethnic group as a trump card to advance their parochial political interest.

One such person, as I have observed, with no malice intended, is Derrick Adzei, a Ga whose father is a principal traditional leader in La. (I’ll be talking more about him later).

So the idea that the recent utterances by Ga traditional leaders against Akuffo Addo was initiated by the media is somewhat out of place.

The said Press Conference was held at the International Press Centre on Thursday 1st December 2016. I was right there to witness it, after all, our elders say, “Aduŋ kɛɛ ehiŋmɛi ji ewɔŋ”.


Concerns of Leadership of the group were based on two key issues purported to have been made in a leaked email of Nana Akuffo Addo. That…

1. The capital city would be relocated from Accra to Akyem, if Nana Addo wins the elections.

2. He insulted Gãs.


When the press conference was over, I called a key leader of the group, Bernard Korley, aside for an interview. My simple question was, what evidence do you have that the said email was from Nana Akuffo Addo?

He could not provide a convincing answer only to say the burden of proof rests on Akuffo Addo, to come out to deny or confirm.


Over 50 GaDangme youth, and priests and priestesses were bused to the event. At least, I saw three buses. Many of them were using vulgar words. Being quite concerned and how others may think of the Gã ethnic group in a negative sense as a result, I took the trouble to approach some of these young people for an interaction, off camera.

I asked if they’ve sighted the leaked email for which they’ve left home to come over for the Press Conference. They had no answer. Seconds later, they opened up to tag me as an NPP Person and begun using harsh words on me. One of them even said, ‘Mi yɛ ŋa kɛ bi ni mii lɛ, ni bohu?’. Literally, he sought to know if I had personal responsibilities at all, and that he, as young as he was, cares for a child and wife. Errmm, I wondered what that had to do with my question.


The event was over but no one was leaving; the Ga Youth, Woryei, Worhii,wulormei, and Journalists were all waiting. Then came Derrick Adzjei. It wasn’t long after when the journalists were given their ‘soli’ (Monies given to Journalists after coverage of an event).

The young people I encountered, also then left me to go pursue their ‘monies’, with one saying in Ga, “Nyɛhaa wɔ ya hea wɔ shikaa”-“Let’s go for our money”, literally translated.

Errmm, so they were paid to come?

Nokofioo peoples?

After the initial financial settlements, Derrick Adzei addressed a meeting of the priests and priestesses present under one of the summer hats at the Press Centre. Was Derrick Adzei there as a Ganyoformor-bi or as an NDC man engineering such an ill-motive event?

If the former was the case, why was Derrick walking in the shadows and did not openly join the youngsters to send the message across?

I recall sharing a post on 1st August on a seeming role played by the same Derrick Adzei in a press conference by Ga Chiefs on the Montie three Saga which had many insulting the intelligence of all Gãs.

Kindly read the write up below if you missed it.

“Ga Traditional Council held a press conference today to appeal for President Mahama to either pardon or mitigate the sentence slapped on the Montie Trio.

Plausibly, they advised journalists to be decorous with their utterances lest they also fall prey to same circumstance.

Lurking around the council offices at the time of the meeting, though, were two Key NDC personnel who seem to have facilitated the event. One of these persons was Derrick Adzei and the other I only know as Peter. In fact, my checks indicate one of them even called some of the media houses to be present.

My question is, did Leadership of the Ga Traditional Council came out to speak their candid opinion, or it was somewhat persuaded by some NDC operatives to do so?

Was it prudent for the Council to have added its voice, especially when the whole conversation is now assuming NDC and NPP Posture?

Why did the Council bring the question and answers session to an abrupt end after a third question asked, when actually they gave room for five questions to be asked?

I’ve been thinking.”

***As a Ga, and a royal for that matter, I expected Derrick to act in ways that would project the image of Ga positively and not to play on the emotions of his kinsmen and tarnish the image of the Ga ethnic group in the process. If the Chiefs are failing, the Ga elites like Derrick Adzei ought not to be seen on the same path.

If you care to know, right after their event, another group of Gãmei of the GaDangme Council, led by Dr. KB Asante occupied the same press room to address how best the Accra Marine Drive Project could be executed to also benefit Ga indigenes.

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