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Why I Did Not Show Up For Occupy FlagStaff House.

There is a story of the cat who made life unbearable for a group of mice so much so that they decided to form a committee to decide on which course of action to take against him. The solution the group of mice came up with was to place a bell around the neck of the cat.
This purpose of this bell was to serve as an alarm for the mice warning them to seek cover when the cat was around. Unfortunately, this solution was not implemented because nobody was willing to go out of their comfort zone to bell the cat.
Last week, we at Accra Report carried a piece bemoaning the low turnout for the Occupy FlagStaff House event on July 1st. Not to beat a dead horse, our disappointment stems from the fact that Ghanaians often complain about not having their voice heard, yet when it is time to place a face to a cause we shy away.
We as a country have serial callers who inundate the radio shows with vitriolic sentiments and yet choose anonymity when there is a need to put the proverbial hand to the plough. We do agree that discourse forms a key part of social change, but there comes a time when action must follow the discussion.
We tried to come up with the different reasons that precluded the couch policy pundits from showing up to support a non-partisan cause. The reasons are meant to be satirical and no offense is willfully intended. We hope that it provides humor and yet it promotes discussion about the lax Ghanaian attitude towards activism.
In no way is it intended to draw attention from the noble cause by the proponents of Occupy FlagStaff House whose goal is to catalyze an action plan to lift Ghana out of its present chaos. It is this action group’s ultimate hope that the movement will make Ghanaian politicians more sensitive about the plight of the average Ghanaian.
Here are the statements of defense for those who shouted tsooboii but not show up…
I believe in your cause very much and it is true that Ghana is hard, but chale, bear with me…I did not show up for the Occupy Flagstaff House demonstration for the following reasons ooo…
First July was a national holiday. If the protest had been on any other day I would have showed up
You know my work is so hectic (jorrr)… national holidays are the only days I get a chance to relax. Things will slow down at work soon, so next time I will surely be there.
I couldn’t get a ride to the rallying point, I didn’t have gas in my car and it was difficult to catch a tro-tro/damfo (or okada) to the place. You know that on national holidays it is hard to get public transport; the drivers and trotro mates were also on holiday.
First July has always been beach day in Ghana (abi you nor…beach tins) I had to go to the beach with my friends.
Hmm…maybe if the seat of government had still been at the castle in Osu, we could have gone to protest and then gone to the beach. We would have even gotten more people to join us.
My father and mother are members of parliament and assemblymen; and they have warned me about going to these protests. If I were to get arrested, I would bring disgrace to my house.
The president’s brother’s auntie’s sister’s cousin’s niece’s third cousin twice removed is my brother. Oh, I cannot demonstrate against my family.
My father and mother are expecting a big contract from the government and I cannot risk being seen in public opposing the very people who will give the contract. (Abi you nor man for chop…no ko fio ni gbomo baa ye).
You know I am a card carrying member of NDC, how can I possibly show up to protest against them.
You know I am a card carrying member of NPP, I only protest when NPP organizes protests.
I put the poster on my facebook, twitter, whatsapp, and instagram pages so at least I have done my part. Others who didn’t do that should go ahead and show up for the protest.
For the few reasons we have put up here, we know there are a thousand more out there. You can add your own or your opinions about them in the discussion section below.
However we still commend the organizers of Occupy FlagStaff House for maintaining a steely resolve despite the challenges.

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