How To Get Quick & Candid Recommendations For Restaurants & Hotels in Accra

Accra has a multitude of restaurants and hotels serving the populace and international tourists. Whether its food, accommodation or a happy hour, most provide some sort of service to bring back their guests and customers to keep their businesses afloat.

But the question is which restaurants or hotels have good tasting food with customer service that doesn’t frustrate you? Which restaurants in the city can you send your US clients which serves excellent food at affordable prices and in a clean environment and miraculously accept VISA? That’s when you get stuck.

To make this Herculean task easy for you especially when you don’t have much data to browse through Foursquare, you can send your enquiries to

WhatsApp number +233 (0)262712346

for extremely useful tips and reviews about; where to spend a quiet time blogging, best place for a quick breakfast, best waakye spot in Labone or Osu or where to invite your prospective in-laws for lunch.

With about 152 tips on hotels, restaurants and shops on Foursquare which have been seen 11,000 times since Foursquare upgraded its app functions, I have a pretty mean idea of how good and bad services can be in different places in the city. My love for good food also helps in critiquing the quality of food served in our restaurants. And I mean good food! Whether its local food like Hausa Koko with Koose or Black Bean sauce, it has to be mmmmmmm!!!

How To Get Quick & Candid Recommendations For Restaurants & Hotels in Accra

I will also provide insight on prices, budget, cleanliness and appropriateness with regards to occasion. My photos on Instagram also shows off the ambiance and environment of most restaurants we have in Accra.

How To Get Quick & Candid Recommendations For Restaurants & Hotels in Accra

About the Author:
Naa Oyoo Quartey is a multi awarding avid lifestyle blogger, a professional photographer, an innovator and a mentor. She is the owner and founder of Roots by Naa, Timeless Photography by Naa, and

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