I’m Too Artistic and Versatile To Have Competition In Ghana

Former Miss Universe Ghana 2015 contender, AISHA MED recently sealed a juicy 5-year modeling deal with MRA Models Agency in Bucharest, Romania.

We caught up with the model that has done so much in regards to her passion, and asked her to walk us through her life and career progression in far away Romania. Excerpt

What was the feeling like when the modeling deal was sealed?

Thank you very much. I am very excited and totally blown by the goodness of this whole deal.

How did your journey into modeling started?

Initially it was just the normal addiction of taking photos randomly, but whenever these photos came out, the compliments that came with it was very pleasing. And this actually got me to put it use rather than just for fun. It all started in 2009 and my first official work was with Origin8 advertising company, an MTN ad in 2010, where I was an extra.

Why did you have to go to Romania to pursue your passion as a model?

In this industry as a model, you need to explore to get the right exposure and experience. There are pretty interesting agencies but everyone’s dream as a showbiz person is to grow not only in their country or Africa but also worldwide.

So far, having tasted both countries (Ghana & Romania), which place would you say that is ‘beautiful’ to push a career in modeling?

Well, Romania has been great since I got here and the future looks bright with all the positive response I am getting but I wouldn’t want to do any comparisons because it’s a different ball game altogether.

With your new involvement in an international outfit, how busy have you become compared to the first time you took the decision to become a model way back in Ghana?

Laugh…It’s overloaded work.

You have a 5 years intensive relationship with MRA Models Agency, so far with what you are seeing – is there a probability that you will extend this contract in years to come?

Yes, there is a possibility.

Having found a ‘new home’ in MRA Models Agency, how well have you prepared for the task ahead?

I am very passionate when it comes to the things I love to do. I give it my all to excel. Very dedicated is the word!

What were you doing before you had the breakthrough?

I was and still in school. Aside all the glitz and glamour, education has always been my major priority in life. So it was all my books all this while.

How do you see competition in modeling industry while in Ghana and currently in Romania

Never saw anyone as a competition back at home; when you are artistic and versatile, you stand out. I have always seen myself as such in both places.

How will you compare the two places in terms of quality and approach towards models?

Quality and approach here in Romania is exquisite as compared to Ghana.

How is life out there with you aside your modeling job… have you felt any hostility from the new faces you come in contact with daily in modeling industry?

No I haven’t. Everything is just normal here, and i believe it’s going to be a very long journey with so much possibility. Learning and growing each day.

There are rumors that models flaunt themselves on directors to get easy access to whatever they do – how true is this?

If you have what it takes, you don’t need to flaunt your body or trade it for opportunity.

As a model, you have worked with various photographers; who would you say strikes you with that cord that always want you to go back and work with him or her?

I have worked with so many photographers, but Gilbert Asante and Elliot Berry, are the two absolute amazing photographers I sincerely appreciate.

Years back, modeling was seen as a negative influence on the society, but it has since changed; what do you think was wrong then that didn’t make the folks then embrace it as it has been now?

This was because modeling in our world wasn’t seen as a career. Now we live in a global village where we don’t only have to go to school to learn. The internet has helped in giving great insights of what modeling is all about.

Do you think that the Ghanaian society is fair with the way they treat models in general?

No, the Ghanaian society hasn’t been fair and I won’t blame them much. Some of us models belittle ourselves which makes the society not to put some respect on our name as “models”.

Walk us through some of your track records?

I have done some campaigns for HFC Bank, RetroFab Fashion Show, Music Video shoot; Photo shoots for Vasties Ltd, LookBook for an Online magazine etc.

Relationship wise, how does your man cope with your busy time schedule?

He has been my back bone in all of this. He’s my number one FAN. Very supportive. We do go on set together most of the time when he’s not working. I admire his ability that pushes and urges me to become one of the best.

There have been super models across the world from Ghana with the likes of Kate Mensah, Belinda Baidoo, among others – what impact have these people had on you so far?

They have been an inspiration ever since I found out about them. I aspire to raise the banner of the country higher as well.

Where do you wish to find yourself in the next five years from now?

Out here somewhere in the world inspiring young upcoming models and building up my own fashion brand.

There are young models out there who pray for such an opportunity that you have now, what advice would you give to them at this stage of their budding career?

They should keep their head up high and also know that failure isn’t the end of the world, it is part of growing up mentally and physically. They should always stay positive and never settle for less.

Thank you for your time and we hope to talk with you soon. Pleasure is mine.

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