Using Device In Backpack, Man Survived 555 Days Without Human Heart

A 25-year-old finally got a new heart. His life before was hell …It throbbed an artificial organ in a backpack, which he had to carry with him all the time for 17 months.

Stan Larkin has established a record. He was in 2014 the first man in Michigan with a “SynCardia”, a completely artificial heart. Now he finally got a new donor organ from the specialist clinic of the University of the city.

His brother, who had the same heart failure, also relied on the same device, but got a new heart. “It was an emotional roller coaster ride”, said Larkin. When I finally had the transplant, which was a very big relief for me, I felt like I could go jogging anytime, he said. Larkin is very grateful and thankful to the donor, he wish to meet the donor and his family one day to express his sincere gratitude.

His artificial heart backpack had two hoses that led into his body through which the apparatus could be maintain on his back to control the blood pressure of the young man. The mobile device was a solution with which Larkin could freely move around instead constantly being on admission in the hospital. He and his brother were born with the same heart defect.

This could even cost the life of a completely healthy person, especially within athletes, it is this more frequent, ten percent of Americans athletes have such (often undiscovered) heart defect.

The artificial heart would have been technically able to get the 25-year-old up to 50 years of life. Normally, it is only intended to be used for two years. The approximately six kilos heavy equipment allowed Larkin to walk with it for three hours at a go. So great this technique might be …Larkin is now very fortunate through his donor to have a transplant and can now move without it.