The NDC of Ghana’s Three Million Dollar Headache.

Ghana has become a ridicule of the globe after the country’s ill-advised decision to fly into Brazil approximately three million dollars to quell a rebellion amongst its national team players participating in the 2014 World Cup.
The amount represented the appearance fee owed to the patriotic 23 players of the senior national soccer team who were either on the brick of being eliminated from the group stages or progressing to the knockout round of the competition. It all depends upon your perspective as an optimist or pessimist.
The government had hoped this action was a sign of good faith that all the players will be adequately compensated for their unwavering pride and loyalty to the flag of Ghana.
Well needless to state the obvious at this point, the Black Stars lost by a score line of 2 goals to 1 to Portugal, within 24 hours of receiving the appearance fee in cash. The nation has become the butt of jokes after this incident and various individuals and groups have provided their opinion about this mind-boggling.
Steven Gerrard of Liverpool Football cup tweeted this thinly veiled mockery of the government inept decision, which has been posted below:

Do you think the country, sports ministry and GFA attempted to buy the passion and pride of the senior national team or did they intend to rent it for a couple of hours or weeks? Can your pride and passion be bought ?