NPP Will Surely Deal With Woyome

Ken Agyepong has served notice to businessman, Alfred Agbesi Woyome, to voluntarily refund the judgement debt money “dubiously” paid to him during the Mills Administration or find himself to blame if the NPP recaptured power.

He assured Ghanaians in strong terms that the NPP, if handed the presidency at the December polls, would ensure that Mr. Woyome pay back the judgement debt cash posthumously if he failed to refund it alive.

“Initially, the Attorney General came up with a decision that the Supreme Court [had] ordered that Woyome should refund the money. Now, the Attorney General is telling us that she is no longer interested in pursuing the money.

“Now, let me explain to you why they are not interested in pursuing the money. The 51 million Woyome stole, he gave some to Betty Mould- Iddrisu; he gave some to the judge; he gave some to the Attorney General; then, he gave some to the NDC to build the NDC headquarters. Therefore, there is no way the NDC can prosecute or jail Woyome. They dare not. Have you forgotten that Woyome [told] them that if they pushed him, he’s going to talk and they were scared because he was going to reveal their secrets?” the NPP MP alleged whilst the crowd exclaimed in shock.

He continued: “But let me assure you, whether Woyome lives or dies, even if he dies, we will try his ghost and get the money back! I said it in Cape Coast that his advisers should advise him to refund the money now. If you vote for the NPP, anybody who has duped us, anybody who has embezzled our funds, will pay our money back!”

First Lady, Communications Minister on Ken’s grilling net

Mr. Agyapong also raked the First Lady, Lordina Mahama, and the Minister of Communications, Edward Omane Boamah, over the coals, claiming they were milking the country.

“There is another man called Seidu Agongo, a best friend of Lordina Mahama and Opuni. They gave him three contracts in a total sum of fifty-six million, fifty thousand dollars. After my investigation, checking all the prices of fertiliser and liquid, he could have executed the three contracts with 13 million dollars and still make a profit of 5 million. Because he had to give some to Mrs. Lordina, because he had to give some to Opuni, they inflated the contract to $56 million.

“When you take $13 million from $56 million dollars, you have $43 million dollars. Do you know the number of hospitals and cottage industries $43 million dollars can build? Even if you get all this money and come and establish one industry for us, at least it can compensate for your stealing. So, Nana Addo says he’s going to do one district one factory and an NDC Minister, Dr. Omane Boamah, a complete fool, tells you he can’t do it. I don’t blame him; he failed at the medical school three times and all he knows is to speak for Mahama,” the MP asserted.

NPP’s performances in Bawku since 2000

The struggle for power in the Bawku Central Constituency has remained a straight fight between the NDC and the NPP, with the former overwhelmingly dominating the presidential elections since 1992.

The area is widely considered a swing constituency in the parliamentary wing, the NDC having won the seat 3 times and the NPP twice since 1992 when Hawa Yakubu won as an independent candidate. In 1996, Fati Seidu captured the seat on the NDC ticket, polling 30,045 (42.80%) votes whilst Hawa Yakubu (an independent candidate) and Emmanuel Awini Akami of the People’s National Convention (PNC) got 21,493 (30.60%) and 2,789 (4.00%) respectively.

Hawa Yakubu, standing on the NPP ticket, recaptured the seat in 2000 with 22,335 (48.60%) votes. The NDC’s Hajia Fati Seidu garnered 21,461 (46.70%) in the same contest that gave the PNC’s Abdul K. Yussif the third position with 1,239 (2.70%) votes. The 2004 elections saw Mahama Ayariga poll 18,518 (48.60%) votes to blow away Hawa Yakubu who attracted 10,169 (26.70%) votes for the NPP in a duel that left Abubakar Jibreel Ustarz, an independent candidate, with 8,574 (22.50%) votes.

The NPP’s Adamu Dramani grabbed the seat in 2008 with 20,157 (53.44%) votes, pushing out incumbent Mahama Ayariga, who obtained 17,385 (46.09%) for the NDC. In 2012, Mahama Ayariga returned to parliament with 24,071 votes, representing 54.86%, from a challenge that handed the NPP’s Alhassan Haruna 19,082 (43.49%) votes, the PNC’s Awini Aguuda Joseph 303 (0.69%), Ibrahim Zaliya of the Convention People’s Party (CPP) 269 (0.61%) and Iddrisu Mubarak of the Progressive People’s Party (PPP) 151 (0.34%) votes.

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(Via: NewsGhana)