#TBT HIGH-LIFE: Ben Brako – Moko Mekrom

At The Accra Report, we are always evolving with the ultimate goal to achieve a higher level of excellence, and this week we want to introduce to you a new dimension of our weekly music feature #TBT.
Our #TBT music features will be presented as two distinct posts; #TBT HIGH-LIFE and #TBT HIPLIFE.
The distinction between these two categories will help us to bring more of the music we grew up listening to your way and also pay homage to the two genres of music that have helped shape Ghana’s current popular music landscape.
Today, in honor of #TBT HIGH-LIFE we present to you Moko Mekrom by Ghana’s ’80 and early 90’s high-life icon Ben Brako.
Moko Mekrom, which was sang in fante means I will go back home.
The song’s lyrics are the musings of a Ghanaian who has sojourned abroad in the quest for a better life, but has come to realization that home is truly where the heart is.
The song is one of the many feel good high-life songs that were popular features at parties for both adults and children.
Please share with us your fondest memories of this song.
Youtube video credit:Stones