Hey, hey, hey, … we hope you are having a wonderful Monday !
However, if you have a case of the Monday blues or you want a brief escape into your more joyous days as a toddler, we have just the fix for you.
We present Kay and Bbonics of Swag Society’s Too Biggie.
The duo who are signed to RICHKID ENTERTAINMNET released the video of this playful and vibrant song in 2012.
The chorus is an adaptation of a popular nursery rhyme most Ghanaians kids were taught in nursery school.
I have always wondered how the ending to this nursery rhyme classic evolved over the years from concluding with the phrase I am too big as it was originally penned, to the much more popular yet grammatically incorrect Ghanaian version I am too biggie.
Well this not a grammar lesson, this is a ticket to a ride to your carefree childhood memories.
We look forward to bringing you more songs and videos from Swag Society’s arsenal of Hip Hop Life.