President Goodluck Jonathan Under Intense Scrutiny

The president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Hon. Goodluck Jonathan has come under severe criticism for his perceived lax approach and ineffective leadership in the wake of the burgeoning humanitarian crisis in his country.
Nigeria has experienced wanton levels of acts of violence including mass abductions, religiously motivated massacre, and serial bombings in the last few years. The government of Nigeria has pledged over the years to eliminate all subversive elements in the country; however, the pledges have yet to materialize.
Nigerians and the international community has been expressed disappointed about perceived lukewarm approach by President Goodluck’s to such a precarious situation. The inefficiency of the world’s 47th ranked Global Firepower to quell the activities of a loosely organized group of militants has also become a point of ridicule. For many people concerned about the increasing spate of violence, the President’s lack or urgency and reluctance in speaking about the military’s attempts to quell the violence has left them increasingly agitated and disillusioned.
In response for him to speak on the issue of the increasing threat to national security, President Jonathan penned an opinion to the Washing Post that was published on June 26. In his op-ed, President Jonathan justifies his silence about the spate of violence in order not to compromise the activities of Nigeria’s military personnel. He however reiterated the government commitment towards ending the violence.
Do you think that the President of Nigeria should be more vocal about his country’s efforts to eradicate Boko Haram insurgents? Will be more vocal about the dire nature of the situation increase global awareness and bring stimulate more external help for Nigeria’s struggling military ?