Ghana Police Begs TUC To Organise Demonstration on Regional Basis

The Ghana Police Service has appealed to Organised Labour of The Trade Union Congress to embark on their nationwide demonstration on “regional basis”.
According to the Police administration, it would not be able to provide protection for the protestors nationwide simultaneously.
Head of Police Public Affairs, DSP Cyphas Arthur in an interview with Citi News noted that the Police agrees in principle that the demonstration can go on, but “there hasn’t been a conclusion as to how to embark upon the demonstration; we haven’t agreed on the form or nature of it with respect to the date’’.
“The Trade Union Congress wants to embark on a demonstration nationwide at the same date; the police position is that we are not in the position to provide protection for demonstrators if they embark on the demonstration nationwide simultaneously,’’ he said.
“We are suggesting to them that they should do so on a regional basis on different dates; in that case we [Police] will be in the position to ensure that we provide much needed protection for the event,’’ he added.
Organized labour on Friday at a press conference declared a nationwide strike indicating that it will hit the streets on Thursday, July 24 2014 over what they describe as untold hardship in the country.