Alhaji Sinari Takes NDC Propaganda To Saudi Arabia

Alhaji Said Sinari, Ghana’s envoy to Saudi Arabia is reported to have told the media that New Patriotic Party (NPP) residents in the oil-rich country have vandalised the country’s mission in Riyadh.

In a sharp rebuttal of the allegation, a Ghanaian professional who has been living in Saudi Arabia has condemned the politician for lying.

The resident, name withheld, who has lived in Riyadh for over a decade told DAILY GUIDE in a telephone conversation yesterday that “I just cannot understand why an ambassador would lie about something which never happened. The man is unable to differentiate between propaganda, politics and diplomacy. Having found himself accidentally in diplomacy, he should have learnt the ropes to avoid such pitfalls.”

The anonymous Ghanaian Saudi resident said Said Sinari appears to be in campaign mode but added “he should remember that by this allegation, which is untrue anyway, he is saying the Saudi authorities are not doing enough to provide the needed security to foreign missions as per the Geneva Convention and this they would express their opprobrium over.”

Illegal immigrants in Saudi Arabia are unable to move about openly let alone attacking a foreign mission, he said, explaining that in that country those who risk such illegality are calling for very serious consequences.

It is unfortunate that an envoy would spill such a lie and expect to be respected. “I am daring him to prove evidence of such an attack,misdemeanor” he said.

The alleged mission attack in Riyadh as said by Said Sinari is part of a grand agenda of the NDC to paint the NPP as a violent party which is hounding members of the losing political grouping.

Said Sinari, it would be recalled, said on a platform during the NDC’s final rally recently that his dead body should be removed from his house if Nana Akufo-Addo wins the election. He added that he would cease praying as a Muslim in the event of an Akufo-Addo win at the polls.

Islamic scholars have said that for daring God to this extent, he must fast for a prescribed period to atone for themisdemeanouror even sacrilege. Muslims in general have expressed concern about Said Sinari’s sacrilegious rhetoric when he mounted the platform with his sister.

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