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Six Weird and Wonderful Facts About Soccer

We all know that soccer is one of the greatest games in all of the world. That is why this website exists, and that is why you are here reading this article!

Whether you follow just Ghanaian teams, or you are a big fan of international leagues like Champions, Serie A, and the Premier League, the chances are you live and breathe the game, but how much do you REALLY know?

We have helpfully compiled a list of some of the craziest facts and statistics about soccer around the world so you can impress your friends with your weird and wonderful knowledge! Read on to find out more.

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Some useful facts on soccer

Did you know that soccer originated in a London prison in the 1800s? Prisoners who had their hands cut off due to being found guilty of stealing, improvised a game to pass the time that did not require the use of their hands. The game of soccer developed from there!

Do you know why a pitch is called a pitch? It is because the playing field is pitched at a 5-degree incline at one end meaning that the team whose goal is at that end, must play uphill. This is also why they swap around at half time, to ensure it is fair for both teams!

A professional player will run an average of 48km in each game! That is around the length of a marathon per game!

We talked about one of the craziest wins on a soccer bet, now let us talk about one of the terrible losses. A poor, unfortunate Arsenal fan placed a few quid on a fifteen match accumulator and after winning 14 matches, he had high hopes on the last one between Man U and Swansea but unfortunately his team lost and with it he lost his chance to pocket a cool £187,000.

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Last but not least, did you know that soccer was actually illegal in Mississippi, USA until 1991!

Six weird and wonderful facts about soccer

So there you go, six bizarre facts about soccer- from big wins, and near wins, to prisons and silly laws- go forth and tell everyone you know!

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