I Trained Him To Respect His Elders – Muntari’s Father Seeks Forgiveness

Ghanaian midfielder and FC Milan star Sulley Muntari’s dad, Alhaji Muniru Sulley, has come out and stated his thoughts on the ongoing scandal involving his son’s dismissal from the Ghanaian World Cup squad.
Muntari’s father is the head of the Hausa community in Dofa, and said: “It’s a shame the incident occurred at all,” and it shouldn’t have assuming Sulley listened to his warnings before leaving for the team left for U.S.A for their pre World Cup schedules.
“He has called me to apologize for his actions, and the first thing I told him was, ‘remember what I told you before you left for camp? As a former coach I know how heated the environment could be, but yet, he went on to do what he did, that’s children for you,” said Muntari’s father in the telephone call.
The scandal had caused many Ghanaian fans to demand the midfielder be banned permanently from the team as an example for future trouble makers.
After the unfortunate event occurred the Ghanaian FA had demanded Muntari apologize before further action was taken, but he declined.
This was not the only scandal to occur in the Ghanaian camp. The players had threatened not to board a flight to Brasilia to face Portugal in their crucial game until they received the $3.8 million they were owed. The Ghanaian government had to send a plane with the money to them.
After the incident occurred Alhaji Muniru Sulley called the Ghana FC and begged for forgiveness on behalf of his son. Alhaji Muniru Sulley has a younger son Sulley Muniru, who plays for CFR Cluj in the Romanian league.