Danku Seyram Writes-The Economic Value of Sports

Ghana is a country with a rich heritage in sports. Popular sporting events include football, boxing, tennis, basketball, hockey, cricket, rugby, golf and athletics. Besides the fact that sports can makes us stronger and healthier, it also has a lot advantages or value in the economy.

Unfortunately for us as a nation, we seem to down play the socio-economic importance of sports and indirectly undermine its evolution and emerging industry.

Sports can help increase economic prosperity, provide employment opportunities and contribute to the growth of a nation. It has helped to provide employment for the youth in the country. Through sports, people do not need to depend on the government always for survival. Azumah Nelson as one of the greatest boxers in Ghana and worldwide did not have a good educational background but earned a lot of money through his talent.

When Ghana hosted the WAFU Cup of Nations last year, it brought a lot of money to the country. Hawkers made a lot of profit, hotels and stadiums were renovated.

Asamoah Gyan the captain of Ghana black star was recognized during his secondary school.

This proves that when facilities are being built in our junior and secondary schools, it help improve their talent which will help the growth of our economy.

Most of these talented students will bring a lot money into the country. An example is Asamoah Gyan who is now one of the richest player in Africa.

He has invested in the country with his money which will also create jobs for others. Water factory, a music band and an aircraft are some of the things he has built or achieved. Aside the direct economic contributions of sports to the economy, its indirect contributions equally go a long way to improve productivity and the economy of Ghana as a whole. When workers are refreshed by releasing stress through the enjoyment of sporting activities, they become more productive.

Last year, we witnessed the continuous degradation of Ghana sports which affected the economy of Ghana. The senior team of the country black star couldn’t make it to the world cup and also the local black star couldn’t qualify for the CHAN tournament hosted in Morocco and so on.

Through sports in Ghana, 14.85% of players are employed in the Ghana Premier League from which 84 of them are in playing in foreign countries. Apart from the players, Nurses, Doctors, Cleaners, etc. are also employed. A lot of contractors, painters, masons, plumbers, electricians, and other minor works got employed during the last year WAFCON hosted in Ghana.

During the WAFCON last year traders or hawkers who rush to sell in the stadium never complained of a bad day. Drivers who conveyed spectators to the various stadiums also made a living out of it.  Things moved smoothly for them. Last year about 368 players 16 coaches, a lot of referees who did other job besides refereeing were also employed.

When tournaments are hosted in the country, it pulls foreign investors who use that opportunity to survey the country. It also creates revenue for the country. Production in the country improves or increases because things will be sold and bought at a fast rate.

”Sports is business’ “Sports is big business” and ”Sports is an emerging industry” “so we should take it serious”.  Don’t rejoice when Ghana’s sports is declining, it will go a long way to affect you. We usually push the blame on some few people, but all of us have a role to play. How many of the youth hate Ghana sports but crave earnestly for that of foreign countries? Together we can make Ghana sports better. No foreign nation will come and do that for us. Maybe your money can’t buy your patronage can. Don’t say GHANA SPORTS, SAY OUR SPORTS.

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