Complete Biography & Profile of Braa 7

7:30 is not only a time of the day but the name of a musician. 22 year old Eugene Ameyaw Boafo chose to nickname himself Braa 7:30 because he was born at exactly 7:30.

After attending Koforidua Secondary Technical in the Eastern Region where he studied Visual Arts, Braa 7:30 realized he has “a thing” for music, hence he launched into the music industry with his album ‘Sweet Girl’.

According to Braa 7:30, the album ‘Sweet Girl’ is in praise and admiration of the creation of beautiful women all around the world. Produced by Micky Osei Berko of Media Gold Production, ‘Sweet Girl’ has bean selling since it came out in December last year.

Five thousand cassettes have bean sold in mostly Tamale and other northern parts of Ghana.

Artists featured on ‘Sweet Girl’ are Kofi Nti of ‘Rakia’ fame, Omanhene Pozo, Reggie Zippy, Richie and Benji. For reasons well known to him, Braa 7:30 says his next album onward will be Gospel album thorugh which he wants to exalt and worship his creator.

The 22 years old intents to maintain his music career and venture into film and Music Directing in the future.