The Rarity Of Bruce Lee, The World’s Most Iconic Martial Artist Of All Time

If anybody asked me, “What is martial arts?” I would simply say, “Martial arts is Bruce Lee and Bruce Lee is martial arts.” In fact, Bruce Lee is, to me, the most iconic martial artist of all time — most people do believe that. He was, and still is, the perfect embodiment of martial arts, and he grew into the biggest Chinese star in the world when he was alive. If there was one person who demonstrated complete rarity in his field, that person would be Bruce Lee.

Besides, he proved that the axiom “life begins at 40” was actually ridiculous, because he had probably lived life to the full by the time he died at age 32. Bruce Lee is my role model; I learn a lot from him, especially his skillful supremacy. Though he is dead, his unsurpassed legacy remains etched in the memory of billions of folks worldwide.

Okay, so who was Bruce Lee as an individual? Lee Jun-fan, as he was originally called, was a Chinese born in San Francisco, U. S. on November 27, 1940 but died mysteriously on July 20, 1973. He lived most of his entire life in the United States where he attended college and began his professional martial arts career. Bruce Lee was a martial artist — he was the founder of Jeet Kune Do — an actor and a philosopher.

He started practising Chinese martial arts, particularly Kung Fu, when he was a little boy in his homeland China. He also perfected his craft beyond normal and soon became a titan in the world of martial arts. Interestingly, Bruce Lee defied the odds by introducing Chinese martial arts into mainstream Hollywood even in the face of opposition, scepticism and indifference. Yes, Bruce Lee could be described as superhuman!

Now let us delve into the true rarity of Bruce Lee, arguably the world’s most important martial artist ever. Bruce Lee practised about 5000 punches a day; no wonder he was the only one who could perfectly do the one-inch punch. He was incredibly fast to the extent that his martial arts moves in movie scenes had to be slowed down so they could look real. Bruce Lee was an avid reader who had a personal library consisting of thousands of books.

He even dropped out of Washington University to establish a martial arts school to train people for income. Bruce Lee could also perform one-hand push-ups with only his thumb and index finger. Well, there are actually tens of unprecedented, unthinkable and mind-boggling things he did which portrayed his rarity throughout his lifetime.

Therefore, young people who aspire to global greatness, no matter where they come from, ought to learn from the superhero Bruce Lee and not to really copy him or his personality. Bruce Lee was not just an excellent martial artist, he was excellence itself in martial arts — so strive to epitomise excellence with your skill. He existed as a human being for just 32 years, but he lived and still lives on as a rare being for over 70 years now. Bruce Lee once stated that, “Life is wide, limitless. There is no border, no frontier.” Again, he encountered several sickening challenges, yet he created opportunities out of them. He once said, “To hell with circumstances; I create opportunities.” Lastly, Sircle Communications is extremely proud of Bruce Lee, and his absolute rarity contines to inspire the Sircle brand.

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