Election 2016 In Ghana

Since it is less than two weeks for the 2016 election in Ghana, I feel like sharing my thoughts and opinions with fellow Ghanaians and the world at large about what election is and what election is not. For a peaceful election, it is necessary to educate Ghanaians about election and choices.

What is election?

In my opinion, election is a platform where citizens choose a leader based on vision, manifesto, authority, capacity and competence. Citizens vote for people they think can lead the country to success and prosperity. Every country has a mission and vision it seeks to achieve, hence people vote for candidates that have the ability and authority to achieve that mission and vision. Citizens vote because of the policies and projects presented to them by the numerous candidates.

In Ghana, our election is in two forms, presidential and parliamentary election. Political parties are qualified to present a presidential candidate and parliamentary candidates at the district level. An independent candidate can also stand for both the presidential and parliamentary election. The presidential candidate is responsible for forming and implementing policies beneficial to mother Ghana and the parliamentary candidates are representatives of the people and therefore see to it that their districts needs and problems are addressed. Election is about voting a competent candidate irrespective of the person`s tribe, religion, region, and gender. Election is about families, friends, mates, community members, and Ghanaians having different opinions or political ideas and living and working together peacefully. Election is about respecting the rights of every Ghanaian irrespective of their political idea. Election is about peace and harmony irrespective of the party or opinion that wins. Election is about putting Ghana first in everything you do. Election is peace!

Who can I vote for?

Everyone is entitled to choose a candidate of his/her choice. Every Ghanaian has a right to belong to any political party or to have a political opinion at any given time. Citizens vote based on their opinions and visions that they have for their country. You can love the manifesto of a presidential candidate from a political party or independent candidate, if you think the candidate is what Ghana needs to develop, vote for him/her. Also vote for a parliamentary candidate that can truly represent you well and be able to address the needs of your district. Simply, you have the right to vote for anyone you think can develop your district and Ghana. You are very wise, smart and loves Ghana, so decide for yourself and do it wisely. Vote for a realistic and competent candidate.

Who will win 2016 Ghana`s election?

Ghanaians are going to vote based on policies and competence. Any candidate is capable of winning the election. CPP, PPP, NPP, NDC, NDP, PNC or the independent candidate. If majority of Ghanaians decide to vote for a particular candidate because they think he/she can represent and develop Ghana well, then that candidate is the winner. Every candidate has a chance of winning as long as the name is on the ballot paper.

What is not election?

Election is not about similarities. We should not vote for people because they belong to our tribe, religion, region and gender. Election is not about hating each other because of differences in political opinions. Election is not about giving gifts and cash by politicians to citizens for votes. If you are voting for someone because of the things you received from that candidate during the campaign or election period, then do not complain when the candidate is not developing your district or country when elected. Where do you think the candidates get money for their campaigns and life is about investment. So if they invest a lot in the election and win they have to get the returns and fruits of their labour.

It is not their money you are spending but that of Ghana. If you sell your vote, you are selling your sense of right and wrong and therefore be prepared to suffer. Election is not about insults, break in relationships and ties because of differences in political opinions, and election above all is not about violence. Election is not hurting, burning and destroying properties and killing each other. Do not use 2016 Ghana`s election as an excuse to hurt, destroy and kill, for that is not the definition of election.

What can I do immediately after the election results are announced?

Accept the election results in good faith. The word “I” ceased to exist when a winner emerges and “We” signifying Ghanaians decision becomes the order of the day. It is no more the decision of people from a political party, it is about the decision of Ghanaians. If your candidate wins jubilate in moderation, do not mock others for the elected president is no more your party candidate but the president of Ghana responsible for every Ghanaian irrespective of their political ideas before the election.

If you lose, accept that God chooses whoever He wills to be a leader at a particular time. Maybe it is not the time for you yet, if God wills it, it will happen. Support the president elect to manage and develop Ghana and hope for a better luck next time.

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