Yes! There Is A Cause To Rant and Rave!!

I dare say that only a few extremist will have the courage and temerity to throw their hands in despair over the ills of society and what should be done to save it from tags like shithole. In Ace’s first book, “is There not a Cause to Rant?” yes!

First, because like he puts it “sleep is for the weak” and giving the “loud mouth” that he has, readers should brace themselves for a repertoire. He likened himself to a boxer whose hands have been held from behind, the frustration of not being able to punch crass illogicality and so he rants. Well, I don’t only think there is a cause to rant, but there is every cause to rave and angrily punch our ineptitude just us Bastie Samir silenced Bukom Banku in their 12 round knock out much to my amusement in 2017.

Before you consider this piece as a review of Ace’s book, let me pull the breaks because I am not competent to do so. Nana Awere Damoah, Kofi Akpabli, Mary-Chloe Bandoh, Aba Cato Andah and Joyce Ama Opare are up to the task. My motivation is premised on page 26 of the book and a subtle attempt to resuscitate a passion that other equally important duties has sapped deep just like a mosquito from “La -Trade Fair” will bite in a third world country like Ghana. Yes! Third world, do you have a problem? Forget Middle income. If you watch the stories that run on Tv3’s mission which exposes the difficulties of our educational and health system, you will quickly brush off the middle income status as only existing on paper.

When the author put out his rant on face book, “Ahem….we will get there” I lamented how the hitherto  fancied JSS now JHS dedicated to make students more practical has done little and needs a few more screws if not scraped. I did not see the need why a lot more people are studying law instead of farming and gleefully questioned why students would want to enter the Ghana School of law without writing entrance exams when industrialization should have been the preserve.

It’s quite interesting that I made those remarks because a few weeks ago, I engaged Ace in a dialogue on What’s App where I justified students revolt and yes, rants against the General Legal Counsel and allied institutions. In that conversation, Ace encouraged me to rather study hard and snap out of entering the law school through the court. In his words, “you guys have gotten some hot air fed into your heads let me be blunt with you.

This attitude will take you know where either in school or in the profession, have a humble and learning attitude. This profession takes five years to learn and a life time to study”. Well, I learnt my lessons. But tell me folks what did Ace mean when he signed a copy of his book I bought and told me to challenge conventions and break myths. This man is really a hard nut to crack. All I can tell his wife and children and people around him is…. Due!

Well I hope I have not digressed like loud mouth Ace does. If I did, blame him not Nana Awere Damoah.

And oh! If you want to respond adequately to Ace’s rants, you have to prepare to spend time and probably face the consequence of not driving your wife to buy her country milk. Know that the next morning you will have to do extra to get into her good books……..hmmm! This thing called marriage I am just enjoying it.

Why am I sounding like I need marriage tips from Ace Ankomah. Dela Goldheart on my mind. I beg let’s not stoke another fire.

I was compelled to read Ace’s piece again after the publication in the freshly scented page-turning book titled “Ahem…. We will get there”. He told a story of how he got access to wifi on a boat ride to an island in Stockholm last year. Obviously the writer was pleasantly thrilled of a wifi on a boat remotely in motion and attempted to make some comparison to Ghana. How many times have we not spoken about changing from wooden canoes to fiber glass?

While some are browsing comfortably on their upgraded boats, we have a cup or calabash in hand collecting water that sips through our canoes and boats. Life jackets undoubtedly may be common in Stockholm but in Ghana, they are luxuries….. And you say what we should not rant? Away with you. We will rant and rave until we stop the politicization and politics of equality.  Dats all moko aya ni moko aba!!

When Ace first wrote and posted the article on face book, many including my Pastor, Priscella Naana Nketia Head Pastor of ICGC Eagles Temple wondered which blood I drew from Ace to warrant the address. I am sure you may be wondering same knowing Opana will respond a million times in admirably strong language if you put your finger in his eyes. I retorted with a smile each time I am asked, I did nothing only to speak my mind when he puts out his diagnostics of a country in intensive care. One thing remains common though, we are both not happy with the state of Ghana at 61 and want a better country for its citizens and that is why there is every reason to rant and I dare say rave, to challenge the status quo and break myths. I elect myself. Need I say more?

The author is a journalist working with Media General, owners of TV3, 3FM, Onua FM, Connect FM Akoma FM, Adesa and Adesa Productions.

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