Yes, I Hold Two Ghanaian Passports

Mr Kwame Owusu, Director General of the Ghana Maritime Authority has defended his decision to acquire a second Ghanaian passport. learnt Mr Owusu had in his possession two Ghanaian passports with two different dates of issue and two different dates of birth.
The first passport with passport number G079786 which is the ordinary Ghanaian passport has his date of birth captured as 10th February 1947 and was issued on the 29th of April, 2014, the second passport which is a Service passport he obtained after his appointment was purposely done to cut done his age, this second passport with passport number SX001703 has his date of birth as 10th February 1953 and was issued on 9th May 2017. last week broke news about a lunch which was served from a hotel owned by Kwame Owusu and also that he supervised the renovation of his residence with the contract going to his direct relative who fixed 13 controversial air conditioners.
Reacting to the development around his passport, Mr Owusu said:
“I have had my passport which there was an error of February 10, 1947, 70-years which will make me look exceptionally better than any human being on earth. When you make these mistakes and you are outside the country, it is very difficult to change it when you enter a place like the United States and they make an error. I carried that passport because of visas and the rest….I have since validate and gazette the error and I have had my passport which has been using to refer the February 10, 19,53 since when I was probably an energy advisor and all these have been documented and in 2010 these were rectified.” he explained.
“So if the proponent people who steal documents …I came to this authority and they are…the Public Relations I have this my passport document. As soon as it went there, the next day one of the directors stole it made publication. I will attempt not to mention the name and start to smear and see if he can make a case out of it.” he added.
“If I am going to make a change of my passport in order to stay on this job forever I wouldn’t make it 65 years which is already a retirement age, I will make it 55 and look as good as 55 or 45 and I can pass the test. But if I am to change a passport and to change it for the purpose of being over the same age I would be stupid to do that. So some of you including Mr A Plus who said he has documentation that this and that there is nothing criminal about that.” he continued.
“Most of you have had passport issues with wrong dates. Most Ghanaians have gone through the same process it is nothing for me to be ashamed and say I wouldn’t talk about it. Any subject you raise we would talk about it”.