Sex Before Marriage Can Lead To Disaster – Youth Warned

Singles and those dating have been warned to desist from engaging in sexual activities as it may have dire consequences in future.

With pre-marital sex being the norm for many couples lately, an Apostle of the Church of Pentecost has cautioned persons in relationships not to engage in the act until they are married.

Apostle David Nyansa Hayfron stressed that sex, according to the dictates of the Bible, is only preserved for married couples and must not be used as objects of entertainment before marriage.

The Apostle gave the caution while speaking at the 2017 Singles Conference (dubbed ‘Etsem’ Etsem) at the Peniel Assembly of the Church of the Pentecost – Mataheko District – Tuesday night.

“Sometimes many young people are pushed to enter relationship because of sex. They look at how the lady is, and they imagine how it will be sleeping with this person. Some ladies also imagine how it will be to be in the arms of this one. When you let sex lead you, you can fall into a disaster,” he warned.

He tasked women to ensure that sex before marriage does not have a place in the relationship. “When a guy is going out with a lady, the ladies must ensure that sex [does] not happen… if sex happens, you the lady I will give you the greater blame. The gentlemen sometimes have more sexual urges than the ladies.”

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Noting that marriage is an institution put in place by God, Apostle Hayfron observed that most people today are pushed into marriages because of societal pressures and influences and not because they are ready for it.

Such influences and pressures, he added, most often have the tendency to strain marriages and possibly cause divorce.

“There are always new methods coming up every day but in the midst of multiplicity of new things, there is still the right way of living. If you miss the path that God has ordained for your life as far as relationships are concerned, you are doomed for life,” the Apostle said.

While noting that singlehood is important, Apostle Hayfron urged the youth to “allow God to process you in your singlehood” because if they do not allow God to shape their choices for marriage, they “will suffer greatly” in the long run.

“We are looking for love, many of us are looking for happiness, fulfilment in life, many of us want to make it big but in your quest to making it big,” if one does not take their time, use God’s method, they are bound to fail, he noted.

“The reason why many people commit suicide when a boy or a girl disappoints them is because they do not have an anchor in God.” They are rather being influenced by pressure from society, most likely from their friends.

As a precaution, the Apostle urged women to ask men their purpose in life and get a suitable answer before they even consider giving them a chance because “every human being needs to have a mission statement in life.” “Many of these young guys don’t know what they are about,” he warned.

He further counseled that, “Love is emotional” for which reason, one should not be forced to marry someone he or she does not have feelings for.

While there is an emotional component to love, Apostle Hayfron explained that “love is not all about emotions” and that, “love also has a demonstrational dimension.”

Individuals should also allow the decisional dimension of love play a key role in determining their partner because the brain balances the needs of the heart. “It is a very dangerous thing to follow the heart,” he warned.

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