Reggie Rockstone Joins Marijuana Legalization Campaign

Legendary Hiplife musician, Reginald Yaw Asante Ossei, popularly known as Reggie Rockstone, has added his voice to the numerous calls for the legalization of marijuana in Ghana. Rockstone joins voices with the likes of Kofi Anan, Kwaw Kwese, Blakk Rasta, Ekow Micah and others, to promote the ongoing marijuana legalization campaign.

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The Hiplife ‘Grandpapa’ as he is fondly called, voiced his opinion while speaking in a recent interview with Peace Fm. Reggie Rockstone made it clear that he fully supports the ongoing calls for cannabis to be decriminalised, supporting his stance with three major points which include:

Rockstone vehemently argued that the high economic benefits of marijuana is enough to excite its legalisation in Ghana. He said that just like alcohol whose adverts and sales has enriched so much people since it was decriminalized, Marijuana legalization will do same.

Making reference to a country like Amsterdam where the herb is legal, Reggie stressed that the country gets plenty of revenue from marijuana.

Reggie Rockstone described the prohibition of Marijuana as a double standard. According to the hiplife musician, treating weed consumption as criminal when alcoholism is not, is sheer hypocrisy.

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Pointing to the fact that he owns a club, the hiplife legend we claimed that contrary to drunks, he has never in his lifetime seen anyone who smoked weed and misbehaved. For Rockstone, there is no difference between alcohol and cannabis, especially while considering the fat that alcoholism has been causing a lot of havoc all around the world.

Reggie also pointed out that ‘weed’ is organic and so has numerous vital medicinal benefits, hence the need to make its consumption legal.

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It is a well known fact that Ghana counts among countries of the world where Marijuana is illegal. Despite its criminal nature, Ghana still ranks among countries where the herb is smoked most.

Meanwhile, some entertainment personalities have in recent times, called for the legalization of the drug. Kwaw Kese who had once been jailed for smoking marijuana, particularly came out to say that he smokes weed, daring police to come arrest him again. Kese also made it clear that he will not stop any of his children from smoking the herb if he or she wishes to do so.

The rascally musician went ahead to claim that many reputable personalities in Ghana including Members of Parliament, bankers, other professionals and government officials smoke cannabis.

To lend credence to Kwaw Kese’s claims, an NDC serial caller, Frank Kwaku Appiah popularly known as Appiah Stadium not long ago, accused President Nana Akufo-Addo of being a ‘weed’ smoker. The allegation which led to the arrest of Appiah had raised a lot of dust. But everything died down after the President expressed lack of interest in the matter.

Meanwhile, marijuana is not the only illegal thing that is being agitated for in recent times. Other obscene practices such as homosexuality has also been getting its fair share of the calls for legalization.

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